Monday, December 21, 2009

Another Obligatory New Years Post

Howdy folks,
Been awhile, well not really but I need some small talk to start this post. Hope alls well with everybody around, since it's all good with me.

So I went up to the 828 for the last few days to ride around a bit on those wonderful roads. I ended up picking wrong weekend to go up since it's was just above freezing the whole time. Awesome. I had some miserable rides but got in some good training.

I actually locked myself out of my house which was fun too. But not really. I finally got in after spending a few days in Hendersonville. So yeah, a word to those who haven't done that before, don't do it. It's bad.

Ummm...yeah the only reason I'm posting this is because I have some more movies for you guys to watch. Oh yeah, I've got to say some stuff about what I'm doing next year. Good question. Plan A=win stuff. Plan B=have fun. Plan C=uhhh...hopefully I don't get to Plan C.

Uhmerica, have a good 2010.

Oh yeah, the second movie is mostly the Bromont downhill track. Pretty cool seeing it in the fall with the leaves and stuff.

John Lefrancois Promo 2009 from Vincent Allard on Vimeo.

Friday, December 18, 2009


Morning everybody!

How's it all going? Things are cold and slightly wet down here in north, northern Georgia. Since I guess Thomaston is North Georgia? Who knew??

Things are rolling along pretty swell, I've been hanging out at the house for almost a week since I got out of school. Been working on some projects here and there. I was going to rent a bobcat and fix up the road but it turns out that it's going to be a bit too expensive, maybe over the summer though. Haven't ruled it out yet. I've also been painting my room, just white right now but it's a good change from the turquoise color it was. Maybe add some decorations or something. Maybe a national champion jersey or two on the walls...haha.

I might have been riding and such, not really sure how much I can say considering that anyone and I do mean anyone can read this blog. Let's say I'm doing some super secret training.

Looks like I'll be up in North Kack next week. Well, I'll take that back since it IS next week. I'll probably be up there on Tuesday or Wednesday ready to ride. I've almost got my races for next year finished up. Still waiting to hear back on dates and stuff so I probably won't announce the entire thing for a little bit longer. I'm also waiting to hear back from some sponsors and people, but that probably won't happen until closer to February or something. Hopefully mid-January but I know that's not going to happen.

So yeah, just been hanging out and doing some small jobs around the house and maybe riding once or twice a week. It's been good and relaxing so far. Not a super interesting post but that's why I added some stuff.

For the past couple of weeks I've been gathering up some good movies, pictures and sites that you guys might like. Enjoy them all.

Some funny comics, movies etc. from those Brits.

Don't really see the point with this because....

...this guy is going to take it again. Do WORK!

And last but not least, this is my boy: Dan the P. Ennis.

Later Amurica.

Friday, November 13, 2009

No More Straight Lining

I really like this quote: "Riding down the trail I am having so much fun I don’t want the trail to end, so I get sideways as much as possible so that I can make the ride last as long as it can." Said by one of the more skilled riders out there. You will probably never, ever guess who it is. So I might have to do another contest. Perhaps. And no St. Marie, it is not Sam Hill.

Well, that's what this season is. Getting sideways. Trying new things and finding new lines. It's been a pinned past couple of weeks and I haven't found a chill weekend until now. Pretty stoked about it but it's almost over.

Been hearing stuff back from some sponsors, some good and some bad. It's ok though, I'm happy that I'm actually hearing back from them. I picked up a really good deal yesterday but I can't follow through with it because of some other stuff. Bummer, but it's nice to know that people like me.

Went to the Orange Peel the other night to go watch Lucero in concert. It was a good time and I need to go back very soon. Still pretty happy about doing a whole lot of nothing but that day of starting everything back up is quickly approaching. Instead of hanging out late and eating some good candy, the days will be taken up with long rides and endless workouts. It's long and boring, but I love it.

I finally saw the parents in a few months yesterday so that was pretty cool. I'm not really sure if I'm going home for break but I should be back for Christmas. I've got a bunch of projects to work on though. First thing includes putting the new washer on top of the dryer. Anyone who has seen me lift anything heavier than my bike should come on down and make fun of me. It should be awesome. Then I need to finally finish up my room and re-do the driveway. That last one I'm pretty happy about, because that means that I can rent a bobcat for the weekend and add some huge jumps to my downhill track. So that's an open invitation to anyone who wants to help out with that over X-mas.

Anyway, I had an open 20 minutes so I added some stuff to my blog. Hope you enjoyed.

Get sideways 'merica.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Weekend off?

That's what I thought at least. I've been busy since that "off weekend" at the Swank. Long story short, the Swank filled up and I missed my chance to race. At the same time I managed to come down with some wimpy sickness. Nothing major, just a sore throat and stuffy nose for a week. Still can't get rid of the cough though, that sucks. Unfortunately (this is where a sarcasm font would come in handy)that bit of sickness wiped off the rest of fitness I had left over from nationals. It's pretty funny how much you slow down from just a few days off the bike. Too much.

Willmurr and Timmy both had some sick rides and held it down for me instead. Big props to them, as well as the King doing what he does best throwing down and trying to fight off the toughest competitor of them all, age.

And yes, I totally forgot to post the pictures from Cali like I said I was going to. My b. This is going to be a short post because I can't really say anything about my plans for next year. I've got some stuff planned, but I can't really tell anyone about it until it's finalized, you know.

In the meantime, I should probably do another shout out to Wes D. He has helped me out a ton ever since I met him and he keeps helping me. So this video is kind of for him. It's amazing, kind of like what this guy is to free running, the KOP is to free riding.

Haha, awesome. Now on to the pictures.

The Crew

The Crib

Sick pictures

Sleep tight 'merica.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

End of the Hard Part? Maybe...

Well, if you have been keeping up with anyone else's blog, then you probably already know about the whole story of the Brevard Team winning the National Championships for Division II. Which is not that far behind Division I, but no body will recognize that.

Here's a picture if you don't believe me.

As far as my personal races went it wasn't so great. Coming off winning both the short track and cross country last year, I knew that I couldn't improve without winning them again. In short the cross country went great until the second to last lap. I had been marking my efforts because of the altitude and it was working great up to the point where I blew to pieces with one to go. I slowly slipped back to 5th place. I was pretty disappointed, but all I could do was put my feet up and rest for the short track. It went a little better but once again I attacked too early and blew up with three laps to go. I ended up 2nd on the day. Both of those results were good in their own right and I'm not trying to be a sour puss but it's a far cry from first.

I also raced four cross in hopes of helping out the team with points and improving my standings in the individual omnium. That didn't go so well either, I quailed 30th and made it through the first round before being bumped out in the second round.

Thanks to our girls, we were able to hang on to the overall team title. After some crashes and good results in the downhill we pulled off the overall title. It was pretty cool to watch our brand new team (only 4 years old) take the win.

Now for the gripe. Someone told me a few days ago that I complain too much. So I'm going to try to cut it out, but that's kind of what blogs are for eh? Anyway, I'm getting very frustrated with life in general mostly because I can't say anything. I try to keep this blog as clean as I can because I (hope) that somebody is reading it and.... never mind.

So what am I doing for the rest of the season? Great question. I guess that I have to do the Swank since it's practically in my backyard and it will give the KOP an excellent opportunity to beat me on his home turf. And then he can make fun of me for another year, which will make him very happy. So if you have nothing to do on November the 8th come on down to the Cove Creek Campground to watch it all go down. I'm still tossing around the idea of racing cross this fall but I really need to get a job too so we'll see what happens. Speaking of which I thinking of going home soon to build some more trails and hang with the fam, so if you want to come hang out feel free to swing by. But be warned, you'll be put to work building jumps and berms to complete my new downhill track.

Since I've deprived you of pictures all year long, watch for a blog post containing only pictures from California. Pretty sick. I'm still working on finding all the good ones.

And since this is my last official post of the racing year I'd like to send a thank you out to everybody for the support. And I'll probably forget someone, so I'm going to go ahead and apologize for it. Can you really expect my college aged, sleep deprived brain to remember everything? Just don't tell my parents that I forgot I had a test last week. Hehe. Oops.

Chris Herndon
Coach Thad
Momma and Poppa Squirrel
Dan Ennis
Jeff from I9
Dr. Chandler
All the guys from Cane Creek
Miss Heaton
Bracken Mountain Bakery
Charmichael Training Systems
Brevard College
Sycamore Cycles
Gu Sports
all other sponsors of the Sycamore Cycles and Brevard College Cycling Teams

and my biggest sponsors

My Parents

Over and out America, I will not forget that picture post.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Checked out the course today not too bad tacky and flowy with some techy sections i race at 12 tomorrow 828 represent!

Sunday, October 11, 2009


So, I happened to look up just where at the race I'm going to in a few days is located. Turns out it's at the Northstar Ski resort in Truckee California. It's oh, like 30 minutes from Reno or something and about an hour from Sacramento. It's also about three hours from San Fransisco. San Fran is where I raced in my first ever "national". It was actually about an hour from downtown in Sonoma. It was a crappy course, wicked hot, and my race fell apart. I finished like 11th. Good result, but not what I wanted. Now three hours away and a lot more experienced I hope to pull it off.

Those first few years when I started getting really serious into mountain bike racing were the best because I kept on discovering new things. Although I will never say that I know everything, I do know that I have learned a library full of facts, techniques, and tricks about racing.

When I started out racing I never thought that I would make it to where I am today. Not saying that I'm a superstar or anything but I've had a successful career so far. I was just thinking about all the people that have helped me along the way. Last year was awesome after I pulled off two national championships. I've had a ton of close calls and I was able to pull it off last fall.

Now here is the bigger question, can I repeat? We'll see, I've been taking the past couple of days easy but you can never know what will happen. It will be a hard race since everyone will be looking at me. It's one thing to win a race straight up but a completely different thing when it's all on your shoulders. I super stoked about traveling to Cali but at the same time I've had a long season and I will be happy to be back and finished. I was telling a guy at lunch the other day. It really doesn't matter what happens in the race, I just love racing my bike. That's true until the race starts. I'm a racer so I want to win everything. But once it's all done I can sit back and be satisfied. This is sounding sooo corny, but if I win another national title I'm doing it for you guys. It's my way of saying thanks.

Hopefully my throttle will get stuck...

P. S.
Put this one down on the X-mas list.

Sunday, October 4, 2009


Yep, sweet and sour. That's how it went down this weekend in the dirty, dirty south. For the final collegiate race in the normal season (that is, not counting nationals)I added a little bit of spice to the flavor of the weekend by rolling up with full on golf gear. If I do say so myself I was looking pretty fly. However, no podium groupies by the end of the day....bummer.

The short track was a little behind but it's all good with collegiate racing. It was a bitter fight down to the end with Zach and I barely squeaked by with the W. I took some time off and went to town with the 'rents and had some pizza with a mushroom that knows how to chill out.

Came back for some slalom action in the afternoon. The track was a little better than years past. Still pretty awkward. Whatever, if your fast you can win anywhere, any time, any conditions. Don't believe me? Check it hater. Quallied 8th so not too shabby but had a few rough runs to the round of 8 where I met up with Danny and rolled it so he could save himself.

XC was the final event of the season. I moved up one spot in the overall after Perley didn't show up to race on Saturday. I held it down for the first bit of the race but four weeks on the road were catching up quickly. Zach and I had another battle for most of the race before I crashed and got gapped. I was riding pretty crappy so I just shut it down and rode it in to get my 2nd spot.

The team didn't have any amazing rides but we did enough work to get the team allocations for nationals. That means we get to take everybody we want to. Sick.

To those of you who are not making the trip to nationals. I'm going to miss you. Even though we had a huge team and I wasn't super stoked on the idea, I bummed that we can't take the entire team to Cali and race. It was awesome hanging out and I hope we can do more of that when the seasons over and everybody's done riding.

On to that, we finally have a weekend off and I need it. I'm looking forward to some quality chillage and riding and eating some amazing food. We're leaving North Kack on Wednesday and the first race over there is the XC, my favorite. I'll be updating the blog and letting everybody know how things are rolling. It looks like it won't be too cold but we shall see eh? Ah, whatever. If it gets too cold my Canadian genes will kick in and I'll be immune to it. So nice having super powers that other normal people don't. I guess that's why they call me the Captain.

I'll probably skip out on some home work to write another blog this weekend. I'll even add some cool facts about Cali and where we're racing at. Cool huh?

Instead of having sweet movies of nats, I found some off of Dirt Mag. And even a movie of the Clemson race this weekend. Albeit the dual and downhill. You can even see some 828 riders. Sickness.

So go get that microwave going or if you're like Sportlegs then use the oven and watch some quality movies.

Monday, September 28, 2009


Yeah forget all that stuff I said about winning everything. I'll never be able to beat this guy. I'm going to stop Watch the whole thing, it gets better.

The Coolest Guy in the World - The most popular videos are a click away


I'm combining all of my previous posts into one. Kind of, not really. I'm just combining two of the titles into one.

First off the race, well let's go back to "Win Some Lose Some". That's what it was. I was a little uptight before the short track so sorry to those of you who I might have upset. I was feeling a little pressure from the home crowd and everything. That was one race I could not screw up. Well the cross country was a different story but we'll get to that. The short track was awesome, it was soppy, I was on not my bike, and I did pretty good.

Thanks for all of those who came out despite the rain and mud to watch us. I'll just say it was nice to have a little bit of fun on the last lap. Thanks again.

I could have gone a little easier in the short track to save myself for the XC but I decided that I'm going to stop racing like that. I stand by what I said at the start of the season: I want to win every race. I'm over all the bs that goes with racing, if you're fast you can win any track, any day, any conditions. I'm not saying that I can do that because I can't win every single time I race, but I'm going to start trying.

The XC was on the side of the "lose some" statement. I probably gave too much away in the short track and the short end of it was that I cracked. There's a few more things I did wrong but I'm not going to say those because someone might be reading. Haha.

We've been racing for three straight weeks and I'm getting a little tired. Saturday is the start of conference championships. It's going to be a pretty big weekend considering we're only a few points behind Warren Wilson for the team title. I might have to press the gas a bit more.

The other part of my title is what I did today. I was a little over riding my bike for a day so what to do? Go for a hike. Yeah it was kind of strange walking on trails that I'm usually going twice as fast down. It took me almost an hour to hike Daniel's Ridge. It was good times. Just me, my lunch, and my camera. I can't do anything that doesn't involve bikes so I admit that I did walk Daniel's so I could check out some new lines. Whatever, dare I say it? It was kind of fun in a different way.

So for you nature/artsy/female people out there that read my blog I have some outdoors pictures.

Later America, I've probably got some kind of school work to do.

Oh yeah if your in the area, I would check out the conference race at Clemson this weekend. I might be rolling out some "special" bits for the finals. Props to my sponsors, they rule.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Doing Things Differently

Well, um...let me start off by saying that I hope my parents don't read this one. I'm definitely not studying for this huge test tomorrow and instead, stealing music off the internet and playing on Facebook and other such bad things that they should not know about.

Now, granted the Saint and I studied for like two hours this morning and I've probably done another hour by myself in the last three hours I've been "studying". So give me a little bit of credit will ya?

So yeah I was getting a little bored so I decided to write a quick post. I've been thinking of a special "event" this weekend. I'm sure you guys can guess what it's going to be but I'll try to leave it a surprise. It's something to wear.

Dude I'm going to have some wicked back problems when I get older. It's going to be awesome, I'm much more worried about slouching around and looking cool instead of sitting up straight. Bummer, whatever. I'll just take that devil may care attitude of "the youth" these days. Right?

I'm hurting for some more music too. I added like 50 new songs in the last day or so but none of them are that good. They were more for those people that I hang out with that want to hear that song. Not pleasurable for me but if it makes other people happy then so be it. Ya falla?

Hey for those of you who are tripping because I'm going off on some strange thoughts, you can just return yourself to the top of the page and read the description of my blog. This is what it says (and I quote): "This is where Tristan Cowie, aka Captain America, aka Pink Booties, aka Special T, aka Trash Can dumps his thoughts and mountain bike race reports on the world." So there.

Awesome! I just found some more Destiny Child music. Sick!
Gotta go bras, I need to commit more felonies. Oh yeah, to all of those who read my blog and have one of their one, you should up date...I'm getting bored.

I'm going to give you some ideas for my secret. But don't take it that far, remember I've worn it before.

I miss Tim Horton's.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Win Some, Lose Some

That was my motto by the end of the weekend.

This Sunday's past, was the Dual Conference race hosted by App State. Pretty stoked about racing since it is probably the two strongest conferences in the nation matching up. The XC was pretty sweet, there was like 50 guys lined up, too bad it wasn't a SERC race could have won some good cash. Haha, just kidding biking racing is not about making money, something that you should really learn if you have not.

Back on track, I did fairly good. Well I placed where I wanted to place in the XC if you can figure that out by going off my previous post. The slalom went good too, I kind of forgot my baggies up at the condo so I had to make do with a baggie T and some lyrica shorts. Looked awesome. Qualied and finished 13th. So some good efforts there too.

Downhill was cancelled because of rain and fog but they still held the short track in this big grass field. It was amazing and I got my butt kicked which sucked and pissed me off immensely. But you'll have that with crappy weather and what not. I was pretty bummed about missing out on another win but I won the man's race and not the little side show that they call short track.

This weekend is our home race in Brevard. Not super stoked about it right now considering that it's been raining for a week straight. Looks like I'm racing Downhill this weekend so I went out and hike the track in the rain and found some sweet sneak lines. I might even hit the World Cup line. Probably not though. I'm not a huge fan of jumping where I can't see the landing. And I'm not really good at jumping...yet.

Well sorry, I was trying to make this post a little more interesting but I'm literally falling asleep. I'm hoping to take some sick pictures tomorrow. We shall see eh?

Oh and by the way, if some one want to be really nice to me (great idea for a birthday present)they could get this on a shirt for me. I would rock it to bed.
Don't sink America.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Hammer Time

Well, the last couple of posts were not quite myself as you may have noticed. Times were getting a little rough but everything is fixed when times are going good.

I've been talking a boat load of smack. And it was easy to do because I wasn't racing. So when I finally got a chance to back it up I was pretty nervous. The short track didn't go the best, I know who my opponents are and kept a tight leash on them. Zach got away a little from me but I tried to keep the cards close to the chest. As not previously announced, and as a surprise I'm going for the omnium at the collegiate national champs. For those of you who don't know what I'm talking about, it's your overall placing in all four events at nats. Cross country, short track, dual slalom and downhill.

What I'm getting at is that I raced DS at LMC. It didn't go too bad, I quailed 6th out of a ton of people but since the slalom got moved to Sunday morning because it got too dark I pulled the plug. I still ended up 9th??? Not too shabby for my first ever race. I kept on looking for a climb in the middle of course because I left my granny gear on but I guess they didn't put one in.

I quit the slalom to rest up for the XC. T-Walker told me since I was quitting the DS I had to win the XC. I was pretty bummed over how I was feeling in the short track but that race is for the little boys. The cross country is the one where the men come from. Got a good start and filtered into the single track second wheel. Made a few mistakes before breaking my chain on the second steep climb. Pretty bummed on that because it took me forever to fix it. Everyone in the A and a few guys in the B field passed me. That sucked. I figured it would be a good idea to fix everything up and stay in for some good training. I started chasing. I kept on getting time checks to the leaders at three minutes. Really long way away. To my disbelief I caught Zach in second place with one lap to go. I pulled out 30 or 40 seconds on the last decent and tried to hold him off on the last climb. But about 100 feet from the finish I saw Brad from LMC running with a flat.

Now pause for a second. I have nothing against Brad or anyone on the Lee's McRae team but for the past two years I have been worked over by most of their riders since they have like 100 guys and we have like 4. And all my guys are fast. So I going to tell you that it felt so good to give a little back to those guys. I just put my head down and held it to the line. Winning racing and crushing souls is what I do for a living, not bad for a Sunday afternoon.

I'm tired of all this team tactics and bs racing. This weekend is a dual conference race between the South East and Mid Atlantic. Let the strongest man win the race. I'm not fooling around anymore. Let's find out who the men are.

Quick shout out to all my bros on the team. All of you guys and girls made me proud. We are the only team that will whip your butt and be your best friends doing it. I added a sweet movie about the World Cup finals in Austria. You can do what ever you want, but I'm putting my money on Sammy and Brendog. They are looking pretty fast. That drift that Sam made over the knuckle made H1N1 sick.

Good night America. Enjoy yourselves.

P. S.
No you can't touch me...

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

World's View

Just sending out a quick message to any of the top downhillers who read my blog.
Sam and Brendog are definitely ordering Chinese on Sunday.

Just saying.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Can't Get None

So the last post was a little aggro. To say the least. I'll try not to be that harsh again. It's just been a rough going for the first week of school. Everything is different and hard to figure out. Dude life is hard to figure out.

Oh well, this weekend is our first collegiate race. It's up in the East Tennessee at ETSU. Hopefully good times. I'm not going to be racing though, just taking this weekend off to get some more good training in the legs. My first race will hopefully be the race at Lees McRae two weekends from now.

Anyway to make for sounding so conceded last time I'm going to post some pretty sweet pictures of stuff I "stumbled upon". The first two are kind of how I feel right now and the last hasn't been seen in a while but it's needs to be spread around. That's Dan P. Ennis, one of the few people that I have to bow to.

This caption is: "Death by paper football".

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

School Sessh

I'm back, well back in person and back in school. It's awesome. Both really. And both not.

Last weekend I spent the days enjoying some sweet entertainment in Boone NC. It was an awesome time. I did some DH runs at Hawksnest Resort and rode like three hours around the mountains. It was a pretty good time.

Then when I got back to school everything just hit the fan. It sucks. I just seem to be hitting road block after road block. And it's not getting any better. Why can't I just show up to school and sign in and that's it. Why all the bs stuff? Arrr. I'm pissed.

We have our first race this weekend and honestly I'm not really sure if I'm racing or not because the wonderful "doctor's office" in Brevard has deemed me not healthy enough to race. I'll tell you who's unhealthy, all those football players who cannot walk down the street without loosing their breath.

I'm done. I'm sooo tired of being nice to people that really piss me off. What good does it do to be nice to certain "people" when I know there is going to be no benefit for me. I'm not going to get anything out of it.

I'm pissed, and I'm done, and I need to go ride but I can't since it's raining.

Anyway, enjoy the movie since it's about people who are the best in world because they don't sit around like certain "athletes" I know.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Big Money

Wow, I just totaled up my trip to that northern 51st state. It was not cheap, but when is good fun and great trips cheap? I mean until the candy prices come down, I'm stuck with paying for my enjoyment instead of getting free stuff.

In case you didn't see that, that was a plug to any candy company for sponsorship...just leave me a comment.

Haha, anyway. I was gone for a while, long enough to do laundry three times. Which is a long time for me. I dropped you off after I finished up at Bromont. We drove down to Ludlow (awesome name for a town by the way) to stay with Ethan Gilmore and the crew for a few days. As T-Nasty figured out we could never find all necessary items (internet, TV and Phone Service) for chilaxing. Only two, every time we drove into town everybody would be talking on the phone from the time we got there to the time we left. Must have been pretty entertaining for the locals.

Ethan showed us some good riding in the next town and took us on a brutal recovery ride where I bonked and complained the whole time. Wednesday T-Nasty and I drove down to that snowy mountain. The boys of the Dirty South let me stay at their condo for a few days while we stocked up on chillage, where once again we couldn't get phone service or internet. But we did get TV. Sickness.

The course was pretty fun, they went back to the old start loop of going up the gravel and coming down the trail. But they did cut out half of the climbing and descending on the rest of the course. Bummer that we didn't have that fun decent but I didn't really miss the climbing.

I started pretty good, and was sitting top 25?? when my cleats came loose. Like that ever happens. Quick backtrack, earlier in the week I switched shoes because I damaged my race pair. And it turns out that I didn't remember to check the cleats before my race. So a big bummer that it happened, but you can bet money that I'll never forget to check my cleats.

So I finished 33rd, not bad out of like 70 something starters so I at least brought home some glory. Not much though.

What now? Nothing much, I finally got home Tuesday night and I've been trying to finish stuff up before I go back to school. I've been taking a much needed break off the bike for the past couple of days.

I might do some cool stuff, like a downhill race or even go to the beach. I don't think I've ever been to the beach during the summer so this should be a cool experience. I'm also doing some tire testing too, I figured if I'm going to be repping Specialized tires I should probably ride all of them so I can half way know what I'm talking about. So next time you see me so you ask me how much I know about tires...haha.

In the mean time, start making plans to come to the Brevard Collegiate race to cheer us on and I might be doing another "Kool Aid" man deal.....we'll see.

When are they going to move Tim Horton's down here?

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Cows, Syurp, and Green Mountains Part 2

I was about to write a blog this morning but I opted for watching the videos from the Bromont World Cup race. Nothing great, just some DH stuff, you know down my alley not usually for the general public.

Blah, blah, blah. On to the race. It went pretty well, considering that I got called up second to last out of an 120 rider field. I left our house/barn thing about 2.5 hours before the start and by the time I made it over to the course I just had some light sprinkles of rain but by the time our 2:30 rolled around it was a full on pouring, pinned rain storm. Awesome.

Raining actually made the course better since it washed off all the mud from the previous races and cleaned everything up. I had my Storms on so I could pretty much ride everything out there without too much trouble but some parts were still probably faster to run. Had a bit of a rough start trying to get moved up in the pack and probably only pulled back 10 spots or so. I was suffering pretty bad on the climb but my skillz were tons better than the Euros so I could pull back stuff in the woods.

To make a long story short, I lasted four laps before getting pulled with two to go. Somehow or somewhere I passed most of the Americans in our group (Travis still swears that he was in the middle of trail and I rode right over him) and finished up 71st. Ethan was the only one from our group that made it one more lap. It was pretty cool to see that we were all right there together and it just depends on what day someone is feeling good. I was pretty glad that I got pulled since I'm pretty sure my bike was about to quit working as well.

Monday was a late start and a three hour drive down to Ludlow, Vermont punctuated by gas stops, me getting lost once or twice (the only time I've gotten lost the whole trip!), me hitting on a cute gas station attendant, and some wicked good ice cream. I am staying in Ludlow for one more night before Travis and I are driving over to West Dover and getting a condo for the rest of the week.

It's been a really fun trip so far but I'm a bit bummed that I've been on the road all alone. Although I have friends at all these races it's not the same as my 828 buddies. I can't wait for the collegiate season where I'll be ready to pin it again.

I'm working on my picture taking skillz too. Hopefully these are a little better. I think they look cool.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Mount Broh-man

Sup 'merica. How are things going down there? It's pretty good fun up here. Well except for the internet. I finally, after four days of trying was able to get something other than Google and Facebook. For some reason those are the two that worked. Don't ask me.

Anyhow, it's been fun chillaxing in K-Bec for the past couple of days. The course is alright, the past three times I rode it I felt like a little girl on her first prom date. I was all over the place! It's been raining off and on for the past few days so that's making the slow, technical sections even sketchier. There is however, a section on an old dual slalom track and you know I'm "givin 'er" Dan P. I finally was able to clean all of them today, albeit it was not very pretty. Sorry Old Man, I know that it's fast to roll stuff but I'm not caring that much about going fast. Since I'm going to get schooled by the best in the world I figure I'd just let it hang out a little more and hopefully you guys back home can see what happens on Freecaster.

I start at 2:30 but I doubt I'll even be in the camera at the start since I'll be at the very back. My number is 116 so I know that there is at least 115 people in my race and all of them are going to be starting in front of me. Awesome. So since I was feeling a bit girlie I mounted up some Specialized spikes (Storms)and I'm sure they'll hook up since my boy Scrub "Sam" Hill rode them to a win last weekend at Mont St. Anne. What he didn't tell the reporters was that I told him what tires to use.

The rest of vacation? Um...not really sure yet. I'm probably going to hit the national race at Mount Snow since it looks like they might have changed the course back to the better, old one. We'll see. After that it's just me taking my time coming home and riding a ton. And yes, to all those who are worried about me being "in shape" for the collegiate season should not worry no moe. I'll be in pretty good shape ready to run it wide and let it slide.

Later America, if it weren't for Tim Horton's I'd be back.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Land of Cows, Cheese, and Maple Syurp

Howdy folks,

Finally after like a 11 hour day of traveling, I got into Rickter Pound State Park or something like that last night. That's where the parents were spending their time in VT before I got there. Woke up this morning and we drove up a few towns to Cabot to tour a cheese factory and eat some really good cheddar. Anyway, I found a place (the local library) to catch up on email and blog writing. I was looking for some good pictures but it's all mostly driving stuff and not very interesting.

Anyway, nothing much new going on here. Just been hanging out and having fun.

And I still haven't had a shower since I left home. Awesome.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Good Morning Mondays

Got up and had some time before work to add some cool stuff to the blog. Enjoy.
I'll write some more about the race this afternoon or something.

What would you taste like to a cannibal?

Created by Recipe Star

Saturday, July 18, 2009

One Last Weekend

So, I have finally returned to racing. Well it feels like it's been a while. Drove up to the new Falling Waters race today and checked out the course. Also managed to get lost and drive around in Gilmer County. Awesome. Found some good roads to ride and some not so good and didn't really find a race until the very end.

Interesting course, straight up a future subdivision road and straight down right beside the road in the woods. Not much to it. The climb is pretty uncomfortable and the top part is pretty slow, but the decent is quite scary. I really wish I had some type of computer on my mountain bike because I'm pretty sure I'm going to hit a new top speed tomorrow. Super, super fast. My brakes decided to stop working when I tried braking for the hairpin corner but I manged to keep it up right for a few more feet.

Anyway, didn't get any pictures today but I'll try and get some tomorrow. Just doing the race for some good training before my big northern trip and hopefully not killing myself either.

Careful of the clown fish.

Oh and my new sport.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Mannn, how come Sam Hill gets to land sideways and I can't, Wes D???

More quality footage.

Monday, July 13, 2009


If you didn't know this about me already.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Appreciation and My New Love

Well, Mrs. Squirrel is right. I need to stop taking this whole bike game thing seriously. So I helped teach other kids about the success, or not, of bike racing for a week. It was fun, I want to do it again.

On to more pressing matters. I went to Brevard last weekend, I had a ton of fun on and Fruday and Saturday but not so much on Sunday because I ended up getting in a teenage girl pissy mood because I had to drive back home. I watched some fireworks, they were cool. I haven't seen fireworks in like ten years.

On to the rest of the projected year. I'm still deciding to go to Anniston this weekend because I really need to sit back and train and stuff and attempt to get faster. I will be going to the GSC race at Carter's Lake the following weekend, sorry to those who are skipping out on nationals. Then I finish up a few more days at work before heading off to North Kack for much needed hang out time. Then it's off to someplace else that I don't really want to publish in the open just yet. I'm sure most of you know it already. Then it's off to some more races before getting ready for the collegiate season.

Then it's some more secret plans for the school year that I'm not saying because I haven't quite finalized just yet.
Sounds like fun, eh?

In the meantime, I've discovered a new thing that it's completely not (but at the same time it completely is) associated with cycling. Just on a random feeling the other night I decided to look up used coffee books on Three hours and thirty dollars later, I am a new owner of four books on coffee and beer and whiskey. Awesome huh?

I want to start growing my own trees but Mom suggested against that because it would probably not work very well so I probably shouldn't spend too much money on it. I AM, however, going to start roasting my own beans just as soon as I can distinguish different tastes and stuff. I want to be a true "cupper". A fleeting image flashed across my mind as I clicked my mouse button; a physical therapy center combined with a coffee shop, just what Brevard needs. Cupper Cowie's Coffee.

Anyway, I was just writing to let you guys know that there is more that interests me than big pieces of metal and rubber. Now it's plants too.

I've got to go to sleep to get ready for a big day of work tomorrow. I leave you with a vid of the king of doing work. From his younger years.

Good Night America.
P. S.
It would be cool if I did that in the north though....imagine the ring: Candian Cupper Cowie's Coffee. Or in the winter it could be: Cool Candian Cupper Cowie's Coffee. Or it could be... never mind.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

More than cowbell needed

Well, I’m not really sure when I can post this because I’m without internet for a while. I’m working a USA Cycling Camp in North Carolina this week and the place we are staying at doesn’t have any access which is a major bummer. I can’t even find out who won the World Cup this weekend…hint, hint.

Did the Cowbell Challenge yesterday. Alright course, not really my type though. Pretty hot, but I don’t think it really affected me. I was doing good, sitting in for a lap and then made some mistakes and got gapped and couldn’t catch back on in the really fast field sections. It sucked because I could see the lead group just up the road but couldn’t nail it down. Oh well, rolled in for 6th just off the podium and just out of the money too. Again.

I guess I shouldn’t be complaining too much because even though it was a bad day I still was in the mix but it’s not really where I should be you know.

So yeah, just chilaxing in North Kack for the week and doing a bunch of riding. Pretty sweet huh? I doubt I’m going to do the SERC race at Raccoon Mtn. so the next race is Anniston probably. Didn’t take any pictures this weekend either, so bummed about that too. Crappy weekend.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Bumping Around the South

So I had somebody tell me I had a New Zealand-ish accent today. That's never happened before.

I didn't really know I sounded New Zealand but whatever, that's cool. Sorry it's been awhile since I last checked in. Not much has happened, or maybe I've been too busy to write anything. Anyway, uh....what has happened? Oh yeah, I did the Bump and Grind Race in Bama town.

It went ok, the start was pretty intense, right up there with a Euro start as 70-something dudes tried to cram into the same two-inch wide single track.

I was still feeling Germany a bit and I really needed a rest. I was making a ton of mistakes and hitting sections super sloppy. But I hung on to finish up 21st which was a pretty good result for how I was feeling.

So I found some cool footage of race and even a split second of me at the call ups.

Here is another picture from the pre-ride, sorry Thad you didn't make the cut I guess.

Next on the calendar is another week of chilling at the house while painting my room. I hope, if everything goes as planned. And then it's off to North Kack for the next Kenda Cup and a week of helping out developing riders at the USA Cycling Camp. Then it might be the next SERC race at Raccoon Mtn. I don't know about that because I didn't really enjoy the course last year and it might be good to save a little bit of money. We'll see.

I leave you with a great site that my pal Dot Com lead me to. It's pretty funny.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Chilling at the Squrriel nest in bama. Course looks good. About 50/50 pavement and trail. Not too hot. Hoping for a top 20?? Maybe? I dont race until 3. Later.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Welcome to the USA!

Sorry folks, I didn't mean to keep you in suspense. I made it back. But you might have already known that from my Brevard post. That is if you read the Brevard website.

So, it took forever but I finally made back into the US of A. Pretty happy not to struggle with ordering food or finding the bathroom or other simple tasks. I made a mental note to improve my language skills and stop being so ignorant. A big eye opener as I figured it would be. So that's good, I don't know about me but the parents get really excited when I start talking intellectually.

I also will say; that even though I couldn't really understand any of what they were saying, the Frankfurt Airport has some of the most attractive airline representatives that I have ever encountered. Germans are smart, use the most attractive people you can find for customer service. So when they charge you 300 Euro for your bike, you bat your eyes at them instead of the price. FYI and a fun, interesting side note for you travelers.

Saturday was the hill climb, wait I can't even remember if I did a report on that. OH ya, I did. My B. So Sunday we drove up to someplace where I don't remember the name. Hang on, Solingen Germany, that's it. So we drove up, kitted up, and headed out for a lap. It was a pretty fun course, nothing too steep, which I like. And a downhill start. They started the U23 riders with the Pros but they separated the classes for awards. E-tan and I sunk up to the front after we got called up at the back. I got a good start in about 5th and sat in on the descent. Some pro guy just launched off the front and the 2nd place guy started chasing him so that left me with Ethan and some other dude who we thought was a U23. The three of us rode together for most of the race until the other guy attacked and dropped us. We started chasing and Ethan ended up dropping me and another two pros passed me. To make a long story short, the guy who we thought was a U23 guy was actually a Pro so Ethan won it and I got second. Pretty rad.

Mitch was pretty bummed because he just missed out on a podium in 4th for the second time. But he probably made the most amount of money from his 4th at the hill climb. Trevor and Colin both had good races too. Stephen crashed and was bummed and Kevin was burnt out and happy to be going back to the states.

So what am I doing now? Just chilling at the house in Ga trying nail down everything I need to do before summer starts. I can't really tell you my plans for the rest of summer because I'm going to have to start doing secret training. But I will be at the Bump and Grind this weekend hopefully running it wide open. For you 828 residents I am coming up there next weekend and I'm bringing some presents too. So keep your eyes open.

I add some pictures too since I can finally up load them in a reasonable amount of time. Late, T.

Busy packing bikes after a long day.

Chilling at the airport and trading stories.

Podium shot.

Apparently they don't use pants in Germany.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Road to Up

Yeah ok, hill climbs suck. A ton. I don't really like them, well time trials might be better than mass start hill climbs but neither are really much fun.

Probably the worst race so far over here, got a good start and jumped on the back of the leaders and then got popped on a super super steep climb right off the start. Got back on before we hit the gravel. 11.5K climb, 2K on pavement, rest on gravel roads. And then they accelerated just as I got on. Slipped back through the groups until I rode with Stephen and Trevor. We tried to attack another dude since we had three vs. one but didn't really work as we were pegged. Well I think Stephen got him in the end. Mitch was pinned and got 4th and a ton of money. They said they were going to mail it to him. Awesome, sucks fo you. I finished just outside the top 20. Bum-er.

Tomorrow is really early get up to drive up to the race. Don't know much about the course but it's probably pretty flat and about 4 or 5K long. We do like 6 laps. So a fairly short race. It's pretty early in the day (1:20 start time) so we should have plenty of time to pack up and check out Frankfurt. Hopefully.

Well, it's been sweet over here, but I want to get back and start hanging out again. Or not as I have different plans....secret plans.

I'll write some more as soon as I can. Later Uh-merica.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

The Start of the End

So here it is. The last weekend over in Germany. It's been pretty freaking sweet and only three weeks long. Well not even that either. Oh well, this weekend is going to be pinned. Saturday is a late start with a hill climb at 3 this afternoon. It's about an hour away and it's a mass start race. Awesome. I want to do better in Sunday's Bundlesgia race. After the race today we drive back and pack up and clean the rooms. Sunday we're out of here at 6:30 and driving four hours to the Bundlesgia race. That is another afternoon race at 3 or 4 tomorrow. Then we are staying up at the race and packing the bikes before getting up and shuttling to the airport on Monday. Hopefully nothing goes bad and I'll be back home around 12 Monday night. Sick. And then the real world comes back. Bummer.

It's been some awesome times over here. The riding's pretty good, the guys are awesome to hang out with, and the racing is insanely hard. Although I'm going to miss it, it will be nice to be back. It's not the same as going to a camp in the states or something, you are freaking lonely over here. It's just a bunch of people who don't speak English or very little.

Haha, I'm just thinking about tomorrow. About 24 hours from now my boys will be just about back from the 12 hours of Tsali. A super big race for the team and I'm missing it. Not cool, but I'm sure they'll pick up the ropes and throw down for me.

Anyway, not a very interesting post so I guess I'll have to add some pictures. Haha. I'll probably be able to write another one tonight and tell you how the race went today but unless I can get some internet at the airport or hotel the next time I write will be back in Uh-merica. That is if the plane doesn't run out of fuel.

Later nerds,

Oh yeah more press, scroll to the very last line.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Midnight Musings

Sup folks of course I forgot to post pictures again. I really don't like to because the internet sucks here so it takes forever to get anything up. I might rememember to do it tomorrow though.

In the meantime, I found some interesting stuff to watch. Sick vid of Bubba triple, triple, triple at the best place to ride in downtown ATL. And a interesting news story brought to you by KKK-wood. Thanks bro.

Monday, May 18, 2009

I found some good stuff here. It's the results from the race we did on Sunday so you can make sure I'm not making stuff up.

Oh yeah I did say I was going to post some pictures but I forgot. Probably tomorrow then but I'm going to take some more first. And if you guys haven't noticed I added the other guy's blogs on the side so check them out. They're awesomeness in a bag, or on the web, or floating in cyber-space or...whatever.

Send IT!!!

Homies, I'm kind of liking this whole time change thing. I can wait until after lunch time to write my blogs because I know none of you are going to be up at 3 in the morning checking your email. How do I know this? There's absolutely nothing to do after we get up except sit on facebook waiting patiently for someone to get on. And I know you won't be online unless you're studying and doing homework or you're one of the those people who tries to talk to people at 3 in the morning completely wasted. I know who you are...

I thought I could talk about the race, but I'm pretty much flat wore out. IF you want to read about the race in depth, check out the post I did for the Brevard Website. It took me forever by the way. I'll even give you the link so you don't have to go search for it.

To make the story short, I pretty much rode the same pace the whole race. Didn't feel good and didn't really feel bad either. Just the same speed. Got a bad start and first lap and missed the "move". I ended up 23rd but if I was like 2 minutes faster then I probably would have been in a big group. And then I could have got a possible 12th place. I guess, I hope. No, that's all theoretical. But the chance was there.

The course was pretty lame, total euro. Crazy start, long gradual climb that pitched up hard for a while and some really muddy spots at the top. The downhill was pretty lame, the DH'ers used the same course and made it really choppy. It was pretty freaking rough in some places, some big wheel size holes and stuff. Nothing really that bad about it, mostly one line with some places where you needed to enter with a little less speed or enter it wider. Pretty tame. After pre-riding and scaring the daylights out of me on my dry tires (Fast Tracks), our mechanic changed over to my Sauser Winds, which was probably the best tire for that course. They were hooking up. So, props to Specialized for making that sick tire that I could run. Worked great.

We found a good Italian food place after the race and hung out for a while eating and trading stories. It was pretty cool and we had some sweet ice cream two times after that.

I went for a ride witH Jimmy, Joey, and Mitch this morning. We rode down to Freiburg and checked out some stuff. I forgot my camera so I'll probably go back some time this week.

This weekend is going to be pretty pinned. We have a local hill climb on Saturday and then an XC race in the north on Sunday. We think it's a afternoon race so we'll probably leave Sunday morning and drive up. I think it's like 4 hours away. Not really sure where it is though. Then after the race we have to pack our bikes and bags before we drive down to the airport in Frankfurt and I get on a plane and go home. I'm still sorting through pictures and stuff, so I'll probably post something this afternoon some time or tomorrow because I'll probably forget today. Oh well.

I'm going to leave you with some sweet vids.

The first Trevor found of the race that we did. It's from 2007 though. Similar course but there's some new stuff that I never saw.

The second one is pure awesome. Great song, great riders, great racing. They were lucky I didn't race downhill on Sunday.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Free Music Fridays

Today is a great day. Not really sure if it is yet but I’ll find out. I figured I needed a little bit of Ice Cube to get me going. Today is Friday. It is also laundry day too. I really, really need to do some. “I’ve been wearing the same dirty underpants for three days now”. Ha-ha, just kidding.

Since the weather over here is still deciding whether it wants to rain or not, I’m still trying to decide whether I want to ride or not. We are passing the time by “sharing” our music with one another. I have some pictures I could up load but it takes forever. I might start it now and hopefully when I come back from my ride they will be up. Perhaps.

Well, uh….what have I been doing? We rode to the top of some mountain the other day. About an hour or so climb and a 20ish minute decent. It was pretty cool at the top because we got back into the snow line. The decent was pretty fun, but it was really steep so you really had to stay on the ball and chill on the straight bits to make the hairpins.

I found out a little bit about the race on Sunday. It’s in Northern Germany. You can get on the website here. The English is terrific. At this race there is an actual class for the Under 23 riders. Pretty cool because we don’t have to race the super, super world cup guys that would lap us. Come to think of it, the fastest U23s are probably just as fast as the Elites so I’m probably still going to get lapped. Hooray!

The kicker is that there are 104 U23 registered. One hundred four!!! That’s freaking nuts! The biggest race I’ve done in the states had like 100 guys of all ages in there. This race has over a hundred in ONE class. Not cool guys. There are more Under 23 riders than in the elite (pro) class. Easy race? NOT!

It’s hard to explain how hard these Euro races are. In the states, the courses are usually long (8-10miles per-lap) and hard. In Europe the courses are short and relatively easy (1-3miles per-lap). Although the total distance is about the same (it depends on terrain but it will be around a 2 hour race) the Euro races have twice as many laps. You’d think that the “easier” courses would be “easier” but that’s usually not the case since you can go so much faster and carry more speed.

Anyway, we’re meeting a German team at 9 tomorrow and driving three hours up to the race and going for pre-rides and chilling at the hotel tomorrow. I think we race at like 9 something tomorrow which is like 3 in American time. I don’t think I’m going to bring my computer so I’ll write a report on Monday when we get back.

Don’t float away America, someday I’m coming back.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Moving day

Yo, sup. I told you I'd be back. Today the U23 guys left to go to Luxembourg and do some road racing. So, Kevin and I had to move our junk from our sweet room to the room vacated by the U23 guys. This required me to give up my alpha male room and I was not very happy about that. Oh well, I now live in a tiny room with three beds. And no counter tops or shelf space. Bummer. I'll take some more sweet pics soon though.

Before I forget, I need to give Brevard College props for putting me up on the website for the whole thing about going to Germany. I'm going to start writing blogs for the Athletic site too so you can read those too, but it's pretty much going to be the same and you'll get pictures over here. But they're trying and they need props.

Also found some more info on the development camp. Pretty sick. And USA Cycling did an article too, but it's the same article.

Rob woke us up when he left so we've been up since like 6:45. Made some coffee and started the marathon hangout on computers. There's really not that much stuff to do here, other than ride your bike which is what we are supposed to do. I think we are planning a trip next week to France since we are only like a few hours away. That would be sweet, since I at least know basic conversation terms in French than German. Ok, Mom, you were right this time. It probably would have been nice to bring a travelers guide to German on this trip because really no one except Joey, the mechanic, knows German.

I will be happy to be back someplace where people speak American. And I don't have to struggle to complete simple tasks like going to the bath room, ordering food, ordering plain water instead of gas water.

We just finished planning our dinner so I will probably go back to watching the Giro.
Later nerds.

No lie

Yo, I found the race we did on Cyclingnews.

Check it out.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Windmills, bakery, and racing

C'est la vie. Howdy folks, I'm back from being busy sitting on my butt. It's been awesome.

Let me start with Sunday's race. It was really, really short. Under 10min laps. It went straight up this super steep climb and a gradual downhill before climbing again and a really fast loose downhill to some grass back to the start. It was really short, did I say that before?

Anyway, we had to do 10 laps for about 20K total. It was a much smaller field than the Swiss race but still there were 30 guys in our race. We rode from our hostel to the race and then back home after it was over. It took about an hour of easy spinning to get down there. So we raced 2 hours on Saturday, rode Sunday morning for half an hour, rode down to the race, raced for an hour, and rode back. Pretty long week end. I'm a little tired of riding my bike.

The race went good, I figured most of the guys would be gassed by the super steep climb so I sat back and chilled until the top where I could make up time. Didn't really work because the Euros were thinking the same thing. Anyway, Tad drove the front for a few laps and it got whittled down pretty quick, I rode in 3rd for most of the race before blowing big time on the last couple of laps. Rob passed me and caught 2nd and I ended up sprinting a dude for 5th. Pretty sick, I didn't get on the podium but I still got paid some Euros. Sickness!

Monday we rode with Rob on this super long ride where we climbed for at least an hour. It was pretty cool but probably not the best thing for after a race. I took some pictures at the top when we hit the snow line.

Today, we rode some more trails and rode up to these three wind turbines and hiked up to the top of a tower and then rode some pretty sweet, steep trails down. I took some pictures at the top. After we were done riding I walked around town and took some more pictures of Kirchzarten.

Tonight, Mark and his wife, who are staying outside Kirchzarten are going to cook us dinner. We are going to go up there and hang out for a bit and probably play some soccer with his kids. Sounds like some good times.

Later Ameica, I'll be back soon.

This is one of the bakeries in town by the way. It's good, but not as good as BMB.

Friday, May 8, 2009


So, I'm back. I was able to get connected to the internet last night but didn't really have time to do much as it was pretty late and I had been up for like...uh...several hours. I did post the blogs about my exciting time in the airport. It was awesome. And some pictures, the pics took wayyy longer than normal to post so I might not be able to do a bunch. We'll see.

I tried to sleep a bit on the plane, it was really nice that I didn't have anyone sitting next to me but I was planning on staying up as late as I could and then sleeping and waking up on the "German" time. It kind of worked out. I woke up this morning at 5 but that might have been because of the thunderstorm we had last night.

Anyway, yesterday was the first race. I got 35th out of 75 or so starters. I was the 4th American and 11th?? U23 rider. Not bad for the first race. Of course Nino and Florian Vogel beat me by 20 minuets. But Nino got third at the Olympics last year.

I spent most of the race stuck in a big group of like 10 guys with Tad Elliot, Rob Squire, and Mitch Hoke. All the Euros wanted us to work since we had 4 guys but Tad and Rob kept trying to break it up. Eventually they did and gapped me and Mitch. We rode 8 of 9 laps after the leaders lapped us about half way around our last one.

Tad was the only one from the US that didn't get lapped, he got like 27th or something so big props to him.

The course was about 60 or 70% pavement with a short but really rooty and slick as hot butter climb. The decent was pretty fun, some cool places were you could make up so time and my big o'27 inch bars were doing the work for me.

The climb was pretty steep with some snot covered roots, I didn't get any pictures but I'm hoping to go out and some today. Oh yeah, I forgot again we are racing today too. Not really sure how long or how big the race is but there's one in the next town (Freiburg). I heard something about 10 laps and 20K so hopefully pretty short because the legs are a bit pissed at me for racing twice.

The race itself was pretty cool, there was a huge expo with tons of companies and bike and free stuff. It was like twice the size of a US race. Kevin put the race into a good perspective. In terms of prestige in wining the race and the size of fields it's like a Mountain States Cup (Mid-west race series-small fields, small purse, etc.). But in regards to who shows up to these "small" races it's more like a ProXTC race in the states (a national level race).

Anyway, there's a ton of stuff I'm missing like the food we have and the places we've eaten out at. I'll probably have to do another post tonight after the race. Whatever happens in the race, I'm stoked because I'm in Europe and above all I'm racing my bike and that's all that matters.

Peace out America...I miss you...a little bit....not much.

Pretty funny, near the end of the race some Swiss chick was cheering me on and I'm certain that she was saying: "Time for a change, time for a change."

German Pictures

My room in the hostel/condo thing.

Our kitchen. There are three suites on our floor and each place has two rooms. A bed room and a kitchen/living room.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Airport, non-internet, and food

May 6
12:17 pm (ATL airport)

Well, it’s not even 12 o’clock yet and I’m pissed. In addition to my ticket, over priced water, and baggage charges the freaking internet is another expense at the airport. Oh well, at least I have two movies I can watch, but Stars and Bars will get boring after the second time probably.

I’m stuck, the whole plan was that I could watch some Family Guy on Hulu, download some new releases from iTunes and steal movies from my parent’s Netflix account. Not happening anymore. Sucks in a very major way.

So, right now I’m just hanging out in the ATL waiting for my first flight. It’s supposed to come in at some time, I have no idea when but I’m posed to leave at 1:15. Then it’s a short 2 hour one to the home of the gangsters. From there it’s a 5 hour layover before the big 9 hour flight to Germany. I’ll probably be walking back and forth in that tunnel a TON, right Chaput? You know what I’m talking about.
I will say that I was pretty stoked that I didn’t get charged at all for the bike. Which was sickkk. But I am going to be charged for intent. Go rot in some cave airline people. I’m adding you to the People I Don’t Really Like At All List. Along with dentists, doctors, and college text book publishers.

I am extremely bored if you haven’t guessed and this is the shortest part of my journey. Not good. I was a bit bummed to be leaving the 828 yesterday. That lasted until about halfway home when I remember all the food at my house. Haha, just kidding. Nah, there are some good people up there and I’m going to miss seeing them around. Some are leaving Brevard for good, some are going home, and some are staying there. I’ll be seeing you folks soon, after I you know, come back and everything.
T-Walker called me a little bit ago and said that my blog might be on the Brevard College webpage. That’s pretty cool, I guess I’d better not say anything bad about the College now. Not that I do haha.

This is going to be kind of interesting because I don’t really know when I’m going to be posting these entries. So I guess I should include dates and such.

I’ll let you guys go for a bit, this laptop is frying my legs and I should probably go back to wondering what type of driver I am….

May 6
5:05 home time

Chicago Airport

Ok…I officially hate airports. They suck. I still cannot get on the internet and I have no movies to help take up some time. I could go find one…that is an idea I just thought of. I might explore that possibility after I’m finished writing this post. Atlanta had a better deal too with the internet I wish I had gotten some there.
I finally got some food too, Quizzno’s, I was right next to a Mickey D’s but I wasn’t really feeling it so I went with a sub. Turns out it was like 8 bucks for a six inch sub, rip off. Then I found a nice deserted terminal where I sat down to enjoy my sandwich. I was invaded by a family of non-Americans. (They were nice people I’m sure who didn’t speak American (English), but they didn’t have control over their kids who started jumping on my stuff and crawling around my nice previously deserted area.) Whatever. I should have stayed American all the way and eaten my 5 dollar Big Mac.
Well, I’m still sitting here. Only three more hours to my flight. I walked around a bit when I got here and ended up getting lost a little bit and then finding my way to the right terminal. I’d better find some internet when I get to Germany or I’m going to be pissed.

I had a pretty nice flight over to IL. I sat next to this talkative fat guy who sat on the outside. He was pretty nice, especially when I almost put on head on his shoulder when I fell asleep. Can you say “awkward”?

The weather has been wired. It started raining in Atlanta and stopped when right before I left. It was clear and sunny in Chicago but it’s just started to rain now. We’ll see how the weather is in that other country.