Friday, March 4, 2011

Morning Coffee

Hello all,

I woke up early today. Well, early for me...but that's beside the point. As I write this I am perfectly content; listening to the 'nectar on itunes, sipping some coffee, and catching up on all my websites.

Should I be doing other things? Yeah probably, but I want to not do anything for the morning. At least. Since there's not a whole lot going on other than going to school, working, and slipping in the occasional ride it's been hard to find topics to write about. I could tell you about the awesome ride I had last night, but other than changing my underwear several times during I didn't do a whole lot. The other people there, yeah that was some good stuff but I would be writing about them and not me. Is that or is that not the point of blog? To glorify yourself or to inform others of your habits?

Anyway, I need to keep it simple, sorry. Even my brain is not woken up for deep intellectual convo. Umm..just real quick before I forget; if anyone out there just wants to give me stuff that would be awesome. Like a DH bike, a moto, or even some more Nikes that would be sweet. So yeah if you feel like going out and buying me a moto, I wouldn't complain very much. Just thought I'd throw that into the pile.

I could go into my summer plans, but that's still a grey area. And even if you ask me nicely it does not mean that I know of anything or that plans have changed. Another fyi. But I guess you still can.

Basically I'm just wishing to be out of school and moving on to something else, whatever that will be. I'm trying to figure out plans for the summer at least and hopefully a little after that, but right now I'm just working hard and playing harder. Hmmm...I guess you could just skip down to this paragraph and you wouldn't have had to read everything above it. Oh well.

I'll leave you with some juice though. The first is a sick movie about ripping up some downhills on XC bikes, the best type of riding. Man they should just make a sport for that; oh wait they do....

I was going through some old pictures the other day and I found this gem. Next time at least attempt to contain your sarcasm...