Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Different Directions

Well, well, well. I'm not going to start with excuses but I have to. I wrote this fabulous piece on how I was going to put more time and energy into writing bound hard back Pulitzer Prize winning blogs but I bailed on it. I have had literally zero time to even read the blogs that I follow. Although I do follow a lot of blogs...

Anyway, here's to having me back. Thanks for the applause. A couple of things to go over first. One, I'm trying to develop a way to keep me on a better schedule for writing these damn things. Although I am known to bitch and moan I do actually enjoy writing and it's one of those things that if you do more of it the better you will become. I spend much of my days pouring over training files full of squiggly lines and wading through excuses of missed intervals and forgotten items that would prevent said persons from completing tasks laid before them. I have to be careful of who reads this blog now, since the days of people not having computers and never hearing the words "surf the web" are very distant. Man those last few sentences got a little crazy, 'cuse me. I spend most, if not all of my working day sitting in front of a computer so when I have a chance not to do that I try not to. Thus, blog writing has taken a back seat.

If I'm not very careful this post will last forever. Let me do a quick recap of the year so far. I decided to race bike again. And not just mountain bikes but road and cyclocross bikes too. I set out to compete in several national level races and came away with some solid results. Don't get me wrong I'm proud of what I did this year but I know the level of commitment and dedication you have to have in order to get "good" results. I have not done this....yet. Once I see a direct correlation from what I'm putting into the racing to the finishes I'm getting out of it I'll be a happy man. However, on the flip side, I'm probably having way more fun racing my bike than I ever have before. The pressure of performing good enough to be on a big team is off and now I can just focus on having clean races.

Right now I'm gearing up for cyclocross season and while training and preparing myself for that I'm trying to think of ways to market myself better. I've done the whole twitter thing and that's pretty fun as silly as it can be but I really want to show people I care. That's kind of where this whole blog writing thing came back. If I can sit down long enough to get some musings and comments down on paper, or in this case electronic letters, then I can start to build something that actually carries some weight behind it. I know I usually drop you off on the edge of a cliff for several months but this might actually trigger something in me to keep going.

Sorry I'll have to keep you waiting till then. Too sleepy right now.