Monday, April 3, 2006


Wow, long time since the last one. A lot has happened, I got my new bike, did two more races, and I'm on Spring Break!!

I guess I'll start off at the beginning, the race in Columbia was a bit hard to figure out logistically, but we got every thing to work out. Sat night Dad and I drove up to Tasha's place and spent the night (thank you Tash for the accommodations) the next morning big sister and I drove to race site. We had to stop on the way to get some gels and ice. We got to the race venue about 9 o'clock in the morning. Big T and I strolled over to the Fontaines RV after having breakfast. Once over there Tash got introduced to every body on the team. Andy showed me my new bike which I have a few pictures posted. Super sweet thing man, Tash and I headed out so I could do a lap on my new bike to get everything adjusted. I probably went a little harder than I should have because I felt it later on the day. Anyway, I got a good warm up in, and rolled up to the start line ready to race. It was freezing cold the whole day but I started without my knee warmers on (which, incidentally I left in Tasha's car). I got a really good start and was top three on the very first flat section before we turn around on to the pavement and loop back into the trees. So, I was behind Mike and this dude who was wearing a GT jersey, we made the turn on to the pavement and then Mike and GT started to just absolutely drill it. I was going as hard as I could and I still could not hold the draft. Then like, 5 guys stream up my left side and all of a sudden I'm at the back going into the woods. That's when all hell broke lose, one guy at the front crashed on a turn and then another guy hit a tree, I was able to get past them, barely. Things got sorted out and I ended up at the back of the pack of about 7 or 8 guys. Mike was up the trail with GT and another dude, so I hung back protecting Mike's lead. I slowly past the guys who couldn't hold the pace and soon I was in a group of four. We hit the last real climb on the course, we started pretty fast up it but, at the top we were going so slow I had to attack, I mean it was like 2 mphs. Crazy. So I attack and spend the rest of the day trying to catch up to Mike who eventually, won the race. I ended up 4th which wasn't too bad. Although I was about 9min behind Mike.

I'm tried of typing right now so I'll take a break and tell the story about the first GSC race.