Monday, June 21, 2010

Lazy Sunday Part 2

So it's been pretty slow and stready down in the south. I wanted to point out how lazy I've been by not even thinking of a better title for this post. What have I been doing since the last post? Working at camp, working at home, and lots of hanging out.

I did actually go shopping with Mom the other day. You will probably make fun of me for saying this but I don't really know what to do if I'm not riding my bike every single day. This is the first summer where I haven't been traveling every weekend to races. Strange. Anyways it was fun spending some time goofing off in Atlanta.

I guess before I go futher, I should give ya an update on my face and everything. Face is healing up good, some scaring but nothing too bad. I finally look some what normal and another week or so I'll be back to normal-ish. The elbow is pretty good too, I can't really open any spagetti jars but I can live with that. The problem with crashing on your face (well, one of the problems) is it takes a little while to actually feel good enough to go out and ride, i. e. rest and recover. My great idea of crashing just before the most important races of the season kind of screwed up my plans. I took almost a week and a half off the bike and with the time I missed from work and some other issues dictated my plans for the rest of the season.

I'm pretty much taking the rest of the season off. Skipping nationals and just doing some local races. It's a bit of a bummer but you've got to play with the cards you have instead of seaking some under the table (not like I ever do that, hehehe).

In other news, I'd ask somebody to come down here and race me on my downhill track but I know everybody in Brevard is just too scared. I put some more dirt on a few of the jumps and smoothed out some other places. Looks good. It's not 100% finished, but when is anything?

So since this was a semi-depressing post and my attention span drifted to motocross videos on youtube I'll cut out. But I left you with some good vids. First one you probably won't be able to find anywhere else but it's two riders ripping it up on some Stumpjumpers and the second is another good rider hitting some lines at Schaldaming, one of my favortie DH tracks. Enjoy.

Later 'merica.

Brendan Fairclough and Curtis Keene in Santa Cruz from Taylor Sage on Vimeo.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Lazy Sunday

I might have used that title before...hmmm. Don't know. Oh well what does it matter. It's turning out to be one of those days. Last week has been pretty slow. I've mostly been chilaxing at the house waiting for my injuries to heal up. It's been pretty slow going but I finally got the stitches out of my face yesterday. It feels SO much better you have no idea. Hopefully within a few days I'll be able to eat normally and do other normal things people do with their mouths, like talk. And smile.

Anyway, back to Saturday. I mean Sunday. Getting my days mixed up. It's the summer time isn't that supposed to happen? Looks like I'm going shopping with the parents since I can't really ride yet. My computer is sort of dying too so I'm typing this whole thing out on my touch which is a real pain by the way. But heavens no! I can't let my loyal three people who occiationly read my blog down. I miss my computers spell check and I'm sure you guys do too by this point.

There was something else I was going to say but I can't remember what it was. Well I'll have to end it there I guess. Just doing work and finding projects around the house to work on. Nothing special just regular here. I would add some movies or something at this point but I can't really do that without my computer so I'll just tell ya to go check out the Yeti cycles page. There's a feature about a trip the guys took to California and my boy Gwin is litterally completely sideways on an xc bike. Wow.

Yeah he does that on the reg.

Monday, June 14, 2010


Well, I might as well give everyone an updated on my weekend. It was planned out to be a low key, chilaxing weekend with a whole lot of nothing going on. Saturday fit the bill. A long roadie ride in the morning followed by some hanging out at Northstar Bikes. Then I came home and finished painting my room. Some productivity, let me tell you.

Sunday was shaping up to be more of the same. I tried to go for another roadie ride but I ended up ripping out two of my valves from the tubes. Pretty pissed about driving all the way out to the gaps and not being able to ride I drove back home and picked up the mountain bike to go hit some lines at Bull Mountain.

Ride started good but near the end of the trail I hit a section with some root ledges. Ummm....yeah, I can't really remember what happened but I think I tried to drop the ledges and got my front wheel stuck in a hole. Next thing I know I was back at my car with blood everywhere. Put the bike on the roof and drove to the ER. Yay!

I landed on my face again, but only got 9 stitches in it this time. There's a bad cut on my left elbow that got 14 stitches and some smaller stuff here and there. I also got another CT scan and some X-rays but they turned out good. I think the final total of stitches was around 28. Ow. I feel like I got run over by a truck. Still no broken bones.

Anyway, enough of the details. I feel pretty good about the wreck if I can. I'm pretty beat up but I don't think it will put me down for too long. And I'm totally going back and hitting that section again.

So yeah, just figured I should let everybody know that my face is a little messed up again so you can make fun of me. Hahaha. Later 'merica.

Monday, June 7, 2010


Monday after racing is always fun. Sometimes you feel good, sometimes bad. Today was one of the not so great. The race at Bump and Grind went pretty good, I was able to squeak in a third which I'm pretty happy about. Although Thomas and Woodall dropped me hardcore on the climb and I was suffering for the rest of the race. Good times though. The reason I'm not having such a great Monday is that near the end of the first lap I decided to take a bridge crossing a little too fast. Came off it and managed to get away with a bum shoulder and a wicked cramp in my calf.

But enough complaining, I'm happy to hang the bike up for a weekend and chilax with some friends. I'm pretty happy about not being on the road for another week. Maybe I can finally finish painting my room or something. Highly unlikely though, I'm having wayyy too much fun enjoying my summer vacation.

Well, uh yeah. I finally went downstairs and grabbed my camera so enjoy. Keep it TAC'ed everybody. Enjoy the summa.

The gang hanging at the 24 Hours of Burn.

Spied this guy at the Offenburg race in Germany. He was part of the Japanese national team and he was wearing a Cample's Soup T-shirt! Euro fashion at its finest. Awesome! If someone can tell me were I can get one I'll throw a sick T. Cowie prize pack together for ya.

T-Nasty showing off his super sick rock pile and he's infamous dance moves at Bump and Grind.

Almost forgot! Huge props to Dan the P. Ennis for nabbing his first pro win, Grubby learned some tips from the man from Florida. Like a super sick scrub over the last double at Ft Bill. Never mind me explaining it, watch it.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Back Home

Well, I'm back. You could figure that out from the title. I've been home for a day and a half and I'm already back to being busy. First day of work went good, pulling the same job as last summer with a day camp in Gainesville. Pretty fun and real easy work. Relatively.

Anyway, quick recap from the last post. I raced Offenburg and got lapped three laps in. A bit of a bummer since I raced for an hour total. I guess you'll have that when your racing the very best in the world.

Slowly made my way from Releigh to Winston to Brevard where I hung out with a really old friend for a few days. Had some great rides hanging out with our "guns" out. I don't think I ever stopped smiling for the whole ride. The one and only KOP talked me into doing the 24 Hours of Burn that weekend too. Probably not the best rest week I could have had but it was good to show off the local sponsors and throw down with some other good teams. Even though we didn't win, I taught the team of roadies a lesson. It will be a while before they forget the cocky guy who passed them with full baggies and goggles.

I took some pictures, but I can't manage to expend that many watts to go down stairs and get my camera so they'll have to wait for another blog.

The next course? Probably Bump and Grinding some parts this weekend in Alabama and then it's a weekend off before Massanutten in Virginia. Then I'm off to Wisconsin to hit a national race and see if any of the training I'm doing is paying off. Dan P. knows what type of training I'm doing haha. Not really, I'll tell you who does though. A little bit of "pinning it with some flordia sprinkles". Good times trying to figure out what I'm saying with that one.

I might even have to offer up another prize. Let me know in the props section.

Quick shout out to the five people that read my blog and who get bummed out that I haven't included them in my "bros" section. You put me up on yours and I'll return the favor. Tit for tat brosuf.

Anyway, it's getting close to the parents bedtime which means it's mine too. There's really nothing to do after the 'rents go to bed.

Later America, good night and good luck.