Monday, September 28, 2009


Yeah forget all that stuff I said about winning everything. I'll never be able to beat this guy. I'm going to stop Watch the whole thing, it gets better.

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I'm combining all of my previous posts into one. Kind of, not really. I'm just combining two of the titles into one.

First off the race, well let's go back to "Win Some Lose Some". That's what it was. I was a little uptight before the short track so sorry to those of you who I might have upset. I was feeling a little pressure from the home crowd and everything. That was one race I could not screw up. Well the cross country was a different story but we'll get to that. The short track was awesome, it was soppy, I was on not my bike, and I did pretty good.

Thanks for all of those who came out despite the rain and mud to watch us. I'll just say it was nice to have a little bit of fun on the last lap. Thanks again.

I could have gone a little easier in the short track to save myself for the XC but I decided that I'm going to stop racing like that. I stand by what I said at the start of the season: I want to win every race. I'm over all the bs that goes with racing, if you're fast you can win any track, any day, any conditions. I'm not saying that I can do that because I can't win every single time I race, but I'm going to start trying.

The XC was on the side of the "lose some" statement. I probably gave too much away in the short track and the short end of it was that I cracked. There's a few more things I did wrong but I'm not going to say those because someone might be reading. Haha.

We've been racing for three straight weeks and I'm getting a little tired. Saturday is the start of conference championships. It's going to be a pretty big weekend considering we're only a few points behind Warren Wilson for the team title. I might have to press the gas a bit more.

The other part of my title is what I did today. I was a little over riding my bike for a day so what to do? Go for a hike. Yeah it was kind of strange walking on trails that I'm usually going twice as fast down. It took me almost an hour to hike Daniel's Ridge. It was good times. Just me, my lunch, and my camera. I can't do anything that doesn't involve bikes so I admit that I did walk Daniel's so I could check out some new lines. Whatever, dare I say it? It was kind of fun in a different way.

So for you nature/artsy/female people out there that read my blog I have some outdoors pictures.

Later America, I've probably got some kind of school work to do.

Oh yeah if your in the area, I would check out the conference race at Clemson this weekend. I might be rolling out some "special" bits for the finals. Props to my sponsors, they rule.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Doing Things Differently

Well, um...let me start off by saying that I hope my parents don't read this one. I'm definitely not studying for this huge test tomorrow and instead, stealing music off the internet and playing on Facebook and other such bad things that they should not know about.

Now, granted the Saint and I studied for like two hours this morning and I've probably done another hour by myself in the last three hours I've been "studying". So give me a little bit of credit will ya?

So yeah I was getting a little bored so I decided to write a quick post. I've been thinking of a special "event" this weekend. I'm sure you guys can guess what it's going to be but I'll try to leave it a surprise. It's something to wear.

Dude I'm going to have some wicked back problems when I get older. It's going to be awesome, I'm much more worried about slouching around and looking cool instead of sitting up straight. Bummer, whatever. I'll just take that devil may care attitude of "the youth" these days. Right?

I'm hurting for some more music too. I added like 50 new songs in the last day or so but none of them are that good. They were more for those people that I hang out with that want to hear that song. Not pleasurable for me but if it makes other people happy then so be it. Ya falla?

Hey for those of you who are tripping because I'm going off on some strange thoughts, you can just return yourself to the top of the page and read the description of my blog. This is what it says (and I quote): "This is where Tristan Cowie, aka Captain America, aka Pink Booties, aka Special T, aka Trash Can dumps his thoughts and mountain bike race reports on the world." So there.

Awesome! I just found some more Destiny Child music. Sick!
Gotta go bras, I need to commit more felonies. Oh yeah, to all of those who read my blog and have one of their one, you should up date...I'm getting bored.

I'm going to give you some ideas for my secret. But don't take it that far, remember I've worn it before.

I miss Tim Horton's.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Win Some, Lose Some

That was my motto by the end of the weekend.

This Sunday's past, was the Dual Conference race hosted by App State. Pretty stoked about racing since it is probably the two strongest conferences in the nation matching up. The XC was pretty sweet, there was like 50 guys lined up, too bad it wasn't a SERC race could have won some good cash. Haha, just kidding biking racing is not about making money, something that you should really learn if you have not.

Back on track, I did fairly good. Well I placed where I wanted to place in the XC if you can figure that out by going off my previous post. The slalom went good too, I kind of forgot my baggies up at the condo so I had to make do with a baggie T and some lyrica shorts. Looked awesome. Qualied and finished 13th. So some good efforts there too.

Downhill was cancelled because of rain and fog but they still held the short track in this big grass field. It was amazing and I got my butt kicked which sucked and pissed me off immensely. But you'll have that with crappy weather and what not. I was pretty bummed about missing out on another win but I won the man's race and not the little side show that they call short track.

This weekend is our home race in Brevard. Not super stoked about it right now considering that it's been raining for a week straight. Looks like I'm racing Downhill this weekend so I went out and hike the track in the rain and found some sweet sneak lines. I might even hit the World Cup line. Probably not though. I'm not a huge fan of jumping where I can't see the landing. And I'm not really good at jumping...yet.

Well sorry, I was trying to make this post a little more interesting but I'm literally falling asleep. I'm hoping to take some sick pictures tomorrow. We shall see eh?

Oh and by the way, if some one want to be really nice to me (great idea for a birthday present)they could get this on a shirt for me. I would rock it to bed.
Don't sink America.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Hammer Time

Well, the last couple of posts were not quite myself as you may have noticed. Times were getting a little rough but everything is fixed when times are going good.

I've been talking a boat load of smack. And it was easy to do because I wasn't racing. So when I finally got a chance to back it up I was pretty nervous. The short track didn't go the best, I know who my opponents are and kept a tight leash on them. Zach got away a little from me but I tried to keep the cards close to the chest. As not previously announced, and as a surprise I'm going for the omnium at the collegiate national champs. For those of you who don't know what I'm talking about, it's your overall placing in all four events at nats. Cross country, short track, dual slalom and downhill.

What I'm getting at is that I raced DS at LMC. It didn't go too bad, I quailed 6th out of a ton of people but since the slalom got moved to Sunday morning because it got too dark I pulled the plug. I still ended up 9th??? Not too shabby for my first ever race. I kept on looking for a climb in the middle of course because I left my granny gear on but I guess they didn't put one in.

I quit the slalom to rest up for the XC. T-Walker told me since I was quitting the DS I had to win the XC. I was pretty bummed over how I was feeling in the short track but that race is for the little boys. The cross country is the one where the men come from. Got a good start and filtered into the single track second wheel. Made a few mistakes before breaking my chain on the second steep climb. Pretty bummed on that because it took me forever to fix it. Everyone in the A and a few guys in the B field passed me. That sucked. I figured it would be a good idea to fix everything up and stay in for some good training. I started chasing. I kept on getting time checks to the leaders at three minutes. Really long way away. To my disbelief I caught Zach in second place with one lap to go. I pulled out 30 or 40 seconds on the last decent and tried to hold him off on the last climb. But about 100 feet from the finish I saw Brad from LMC running with a flat.

Now pause for a second. I have nothing against Brad or anyone on the Lee's McRae team but for the past two years I have been worked over by most of their riders since they have like 100 guys and we have like 4. And all my guys are fast. So I going to tell you that it felt so good to give a little back to those guys. I just put my head down and held it to the line. Winning racing and crushing souls is what I do for a living, not bad for a Sunday afternoon.

I'm tired of all this team tactics and bs racing. This weekend is a dual conference race between the South East and Mid Atlantic. Let the strongest man win the race. I'm not fooling around anymore. Let's find out who the men are.

Quick shout out to all my bros on the team. All of you guys and girls made me proud. We are the only team that will whip your butt and be your best friends doing it. I added a sweet movie about the World Cup finals in Austria. You can do what ever you want, but I'm putting my money on Sammy and Brendog. They are looking pretty fast. That drift that Sam made over the knuckle made H1N1 sick.

Good night America. Enjoy yourselves.

P. S.
No you can't touch me...

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

World's View

Just sending out a quick message to any of the top downhillers who read my blog.
Sam and Brendog are definitely ordering Chinese on Sunday.

Just saying.