Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Late Race

Well, I had my first race this year. It's not what you think though. I was racing the female Squirrel to be the first to post a new blog. I lost, by a pretty good bit actually.

Oh well, first thing's first. Except that I don't know what the first thing is. How about I do a movie since I already have that. Minnaar knows how to ride some moto. Maybe that's why he's one of the best in the World? You tell me.

Let me start out by doing some sponsor stuff. Last time I told you that I was about to announce some new sponsors but I kind of forgot to post a blog in time. So here you go. I'm proud to announce....no never mind that's wayyy too corny. Twin Six has jumped on the wagon, or bike rather for another year. For a while I was skeptical about representing them again since it's it doesn't really fit my "image" but they are coming out some some super sick stuff this time around and I'm stoked to run it again. Clothes that fit, feel good, and good rad are what Twin Six delivers. So yeah, I'm pretty happy about them coming back.

To go with some new clothes and accessories, I need some extra items to complete my "look". Just so happens that Smith Optics decided to help me out. I've always been a fan of their sunglasses and goggles and now I can finally run them. Because in the words of Smith Sponsored athlete, Aaron Gwin, "you gotta look good". I'll been running their clothes, race glasses, and goggles at select events. Pretty happy about that one too.

The last one is a current sponsor, but I wanted to give a shout out because they have really stepped it up this year. Thanks Industry Nine for all your support. And to all my other sponsors thanks again. I'll be doing a post just for my support crew very soon so watch out! Haha. It might jump out at ya.

The last part of my post is about some racing. I've spent the past week or so trying ot finalize my racing for the rest of the year. And the biggest news is that I'm taking off in April to race some World Cups in Europe.

So finally, here is my complete 2010 racing calendar. Enjoy.

2010 Races
GA Tech-March 13-14
Hobby Park-March 21
Furman-March 27-28

SERC Tsali-April 11
Conference Championships-April 17-18

World Cup #2 Houffalise-May 1-2
Swiss Racer Bikes Cup, Solothurn, Switzerland-May 8-9
Bundesliga Race-May 15-16
World Cup #3-Offenburg-May 22-23
Mellow Johnny's (Texas)-May 29

Bump and Grind-June 6
Subaru Cup Wisconsin-June 26

World Cup Champrey Switzerland July 24-25
World Cup Val di Sol Italy July 31-August 1

SERC Fontana August 7-8
World Cup Windham-August 28-29

World Champs Mont St. Anne-August 31-September 5 (U23 race-on Sept 3?)

Collegiate Nationals Truckee, CA-October 16-17

Later nerds, I have to try and get my proffs to excuse me for two weeks from school.