Monday, January 26, 2009

Risky Roadies

Dude so like in the past week, I've had several very, very close encounters with cars. And they have not been really cool at all. Like I probably would have been saying "later nerds" as I floated away.

Anyway, for everybody out there, just freaking take your time getting around anything in the road much less cyclists. I'm not usually sketched out about that stuff but it's been getting to me.

Anyway, off that note. I got my glasses today and I'm stoked. I didn't tell my parents but I totally lost my old glasses over Christmas break and I haven't been able to see for(how much is that?) that length of time. It has not been very cool at all by the way.

Hitting up the Icycle this weekend. It's going to be AWESOME,I'm probably not going to race but just go and work on some hang out time. So if your around and need someone to hang out with, just hit me up and we'll chill.

So, my hands are wallered from typing so I'm going to peace out.
Later nerds

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

So I finally got all the people out of my room and took some sick pictures.
Well they're not that cool but here's the new place.

And for those of you who are laughing at our dorm room, let me just say that we have a carpet, a counter top for the sink, and tons of space for ACTIVITIES!!! Yip-yeee!!

Oh and there's a picture of Chaput when we went sledding in the 828 with our awesome 1/4 inch of snow. Brapppppp!!!!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Digging a new hole

I'm back for a bit, well for a while probably. I'm not very good at writing short blogs. But I'm working on it. Some good news, for you people that (hopefully) read my blog all the time and don't have google accounts you can now post comments. AWESOME! So I'm hoping I can bring my total readers from three up to five-ish, that would be sweet.

So like I was going to take some pictures of my new room, which is probably the coolest thing that has happened since we got back to school, but our room kind of got out hand this weekend so we need to clean it out. I'm going to try to post up some pictures tonight after we get everything cleaned up.

For those of you who are interested my racing, I'll give you an update. The new year started off bad because I lost one of my big sponsors and although I'm still waiting on some others I'm not really sure what will happen with the recession and everything. So I can't really say anything just yet because I'm still looking for more support. I'll for sure do the collegiate road racing schedule which I'll post later and of course the mountain races in the fall but over the summer is still up in the air.

Right now I'm just chilaxing and stuff and still riding but not really training super hard. With that said, I can still pinnit so don't think that racing is going to be easy.

I'm off to help Chaput let Timmay's dog out so I'll see if I can post some pictures so our awesome dorm room when I get back.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Obigilitory New Years Post I forgot to post one for the new year and follow up on my adventures in the ATL. Oops.

Last week was pretty fun, we hit up some Fort Yargo did the urban ride and rode a little at the horse park. Sorry P. Ennis, I would have invited you but it was spur of the moment. Yargo is pretty much perfect right now, it was blown off and a little tacky when we rode it. ATL was fun too, the guys showed me a sweeeeetttt hip under the Georgia Dome. I was finally getting comfortable hitting it when we moved on to sprinting down main street in the pitch dark, avoiding cars and pedestrians. There was more riding than jumping so no pictures, sorry people maybe next time.

Conyers was good too, it was cold and wet when we rode it so it did not remind me of the collegiate race there. Where the dusty, dry conditions we so much fun.

After I got back, I almost got sick again and I've just been hanging around the house working on my trails. I added a new section today, it's got three different jumps off of one booter. You can double two rollers, use the booter to jump out to a lander or hip it off to the left. But I need to cut down a tree for the hip.

I'm going back to school Monday morning so I'm going to hit up that trail on the way up there before meeting up with Chaput and moving into our new dorm room.

So just keeping it real in Ga.