Friday, November 13, 2009

No More Straight Lining

I really like this quote: "Riding down the trail I am having so much fun I don’t want the trail to end, so I get sideways as much as possible so that I can make the ride last as long as it can." Said by one of the more skilled riders out there. You will probably never, ever guess who it is. So I might have to do another contest. Perhaps. And no St. Marie, it is not Sam Hill.

Well, that's what this season is. Getting sideways. Trying new things and finding new lines. It's been a pinned past couple of weeks and I haven't found a chill weekend until now. Pretty stoked about it but it's almost over.

Been hearing stuff back from some sponsors, some good and some bad. It's ok though, I'm happy that I'm actually hearing back from them. I picked up a really good deal yesterday but I can't follow through with it because of some other stuff. Bummer, but it's nice to know that people like me.

Went to the Orange Peel the other night to go watch Lucero in concert. It was a good time and I need to go back very soon. Still pretty happy about doing a whole lot of nothing but that day of starting everything back up is quickly approaching. Instead of hanging out late and eating some good candy, the days will be taken up with long rides and endless workouts. It's long and boring, but I love it.

I finally saw the parents in a few months yesterday so that was pretty cool. I'm not really sure if I'm going home for break but I should be back for Christmas. I've got a bunch of projects to work on though. First thing includes putting the new washer on top of the dryer. Anyone who has seen me lift anything heavier than my bike should come on down and make fun of me. It should be awesome. Then I need to finally finish up my room and re-do the driveway. That last one I'm pretty happy about, because that means that I can rent a bobcat for the weekend and add some huge jumps to my downhill track. So that's an open invitation to anyone who wants to help out with that over X-mas.

Anyway, I had an open 20 minutes so I added some stuff to my blog. Hope you enjoyed.

Get sideways 'merica.