Thursday, January 31, 2008

__________and Mustard

Man, been busy.
Sorry folks. However, I have been changing some more stuff on my blog page which might even bump my daily readers up by point zero two. Whee. I added some other people's blogs which you should totally check out some time as most of them are wayy better than mine. I even added a MOIVE! How sick is that? I've been doing my blogger homework. Speaking of homework I need to do some. But what better way than to waste time on facebook or blogger.

So, I'm announcing my new sponsors for the 2008 season. Although there might be a one or two that I'm still waiting on, I'm probably not going to hear back from them. Here goes, Specialized is the one that I was most worried about, but I've got it pretty much nailed down now. I'll be riding a Epic and possibly a hard tail if the course deserves it.

Maxxis hooked me up with some sick tires and I'll be riding the brand new Monorail and Ridgeline. I might get a set of Larsen TTs or Crossmarks. However the first tire on my list is a set of Medusa's. Herndog and Wes lent me a pair at the Collegiate Nats and that was pretty much the reason I got 2nd place. All you need to know about the Medusa's is that they hook up in mud.

Crank Brothers is another one I've been trying to keep under the tap because they are providing their new external crank set and wheels. I won't be able to get those until partway through the season, but I might be able to get my hands on a set before then. If you haven't seen their wheels yet, just Google it. They look awesome. They are comparable in weight with the XTR wheels and they come with a 6 paul hub. Meaning I have 3 degree engagement, instead of having play in the wheel when back pedaling it's almost instant engagement. It feels soooooo sick.

Finally Six Six One is the casual clothing department. As well as some protective gear. I will also use their gloves.

I also need to give a shout out to Sycamore Cycles and Dahlonega Wheelworks. Jon at Wheelworks really helped me with getting parts and selling my old bike. He has also helped me out a ton by giving me a job and some brand new Sidi podium shoes. Thanks for the help bro. Wes at Sycamore was a big help during the collegiate season and helped me get a sponsorship from Maxxis as well as Specialized. Both of these shops have helped with everything, from handing me bottles and taking care of me before races to cheering me on and fixing my bike while I put my feet up and relax. Wes and Jon will be around at most of the races I'm doing next year so if you could just stop by and say hi, they love talking to people.

And if it's not to much could you just take some time and click on the links to the right and surf the sites.

I'm sending another big thank you to everybody who has helped me over the years, my friends, my family, my bike shops, and my sponsors. I hope this season will be best yet.

Friday, January 11, 2008

This is going to be a interesting post. I can't say anything yet until I figure out exactly what's going on.

I've been talking to some guy that could give me some sponsorship for this year. It sounds good but we need to finalize it first. In other news I did sign with another sponsor but I will announce all my 2008 sponsors in a few weeks.
I have a clothing sponsor and I am still waiting on a bike, wheel, tire, and probably another sponsor.

Nothing is for sure, but it feels really nice to start talking to people. I thought that I wasn't going to get anything from anyone for a while but thanks to somebody I now have a good chance at getting a great sponsorship from somebody.

With that announcement I'll probably post my 2008 races. I'm not completely sure I'll do all of them but I'll will do most of them.

Anyway, I'm pretty relaxed finally and check back soon for the sponsor stuff. I can say that I'm working on my kit for next year and it's going to look freaking sweet. I will say that I will be super, ultra sexy.

I'm trying not to be conceited or anything but when I roll up to the line you will know who I am.