Wednesday, March 3, 2010


This year is not starting out good. I've had two defeats and the season hasn't even started yet. First I lost to Mrs. Squirrel for not getting a post up and then I lost my title of Plank Champion last night to some burley mountain man from Minnesota. Congrats to the Elk Killer.

I don't like getting beat, so I guess I just need to go more work. Simple eh? Speaking of simple, how bout that Northern Country teaching some people how they do the Olympics. Never won a Gold medal at a home games and then taking home the most golds? Yeah that's right, turn down the funk and turn up the good.

It's been snow, snow, and more snow here in North Kack. We got like 5 and a half inches yesterday. It sucked. The trails are still covered and will be for another two weeks or so. Looks like I'm going home this weekend for spring break. My trails at the house need some loving, but I don't think I'll be able to get out since I'm getting some tooths pulled on Saturday. Yay. Not.

I like having extra teeth, they help me eat all my candy.

First race is two weeks away and I can't wait. It's funny to think that my race season always start pretty much half way through March but it always seems so far away. In the mean time I've been trying to get my throttle stuck WFO. I think it worked. Not sure yet, we'll have to see at that first race.

In other news, I've had thoughts on changing my blog title for something that describes me a little better than "How do you spell America?" Something Share your thoughts.

Even though BMXers are still little tight pants wearing girls, Mike Day can make a days work of a BMX track. Check out that manual at the end. That's pretty cereal.

Mike Day Test Shoot from Clay Porter on Vimeo.