Sunday, December 30, 2007

Good News...well sort of

Good news is that I finally got a camera so I can start taking pictures of things and post them on my blog. Cool huh?

Bad news is that it's been raining for the last couple of days and I have nothing to take pictures of.

Christmas was good, I got pretty much everything I wanted except a new Lambo. The best thing about this Christmas was the fact that I could actually use everything they gave me. In the past my parents have given me paper clips, staples and bulk notebook paper. Awesome.

Christmas is a long word and pretty hard to spell so I'm going to switch to x-mas. X-mas had a strange feeling this year. It was the first time my family wasn't together. Tash was in Boulder and flew to Scotland X-mas day. Weird. We would have a whole schedule on x-mas day, when we were going to open presents, when to eat our special breakfast of chocolate chip muffins, when to open the stockings etc. We still had our stocking opening after Mom and Dad got me up at the friggen crack of dawn-8 o'clock. And we still had our breakfast of muffins but it felt different when I had no one to race against when I opened my presents.

I wasn't sad or lonely but I knew this was a part of growing up and one day I wouldn't be there for Christmas. I hope Tash is having fun in Scotland, I haven't heard anything from her so I'm guessing she's not dead.

Anyway, enough of the depressing stuff. I changed some stuff on my blog, namely adding a picture at the top of the page. I think it's pretty cool but you folks are the ones who read the blog so let me know what you think.

Still waiting on some more sponsorships letters to come in so I still have no idea who or what I will be riding for next year. Right now I'm having fun at my house, enjoying my four week long break and downloading illegal music. Fun, fun.

It seems like it's been raining every day I'm off work. Screw you God. Him and I do not have a pleasant relationship since I was six. I woke up early that morning and prayed for a Playmobile Pirate Ship. Yeah never came. Ever since then He and I have been sworn enemies. He was there before the short track national championships and told the guy in front of me to push me out of the race. He was at the 4-H competition a few years ago and convinced the judges that Bond's presentation was better than mine.

The only time that I have done good was when the devil parted the waters. When I won the Pro race at Ducktown, God made me burp air out of my tire but the devil made sure that I was able to hold off the other riders and win.

The bottom line is this: God made the mountain, the Devil created the bike.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Crack is bad

Wow! Sorry about the last post. I just reread it and noticed how bad it was. Either I was on crack or just sleepy or probably...on crack.

I just finished writing another proposal to another sponsor who probably doesn't care whether I die tomorrow of cancer, he's definitely not getting this deal. So, I'm in a writing mode. I've started typing a lot more in college, I guess you have to. The proffs are like: five pages typed tonight-even though I don't have you until next week, you need to run by my office and lemme see it. Ok, proffs are really strange people and I think I'll add them to my list of Really Strange People I Don't Like. Along with docs and dentists.

Man I totally had my tires replaced today-on my car mind you, not the bike, I can still do those by my self St. Marie. It kinda sucks now because I can't drift around corners but it dose help that I can get enough traction to slow down a hundred feet before a red light rather than a mile back.

It's really, really cold in my room so I think I might go to bed if either: global warming starts now or I find something actually interesting to type about.

I feel pretty good. A little sleepy, but content. That will probably change when I get my grades tomorrow. Maybe my parents will resist killing me until after Christmas. I hope so. Perhaps if I buy mom a bunch of candy and dad a truck load of bird seed they will forgive me.

Um...yeah it's almost midnight. Which wouldn't be that big a deal but my training starts Monday so I should probably get more sleep. Peace.

What Would Jon Dalman Do??

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

College Life

Dudes I've been totally not keeping up with my blog while my sister has so she thinks that she's wayyy cooler than me now.

You want to know what sucks? Like, after the AWESOME cross race this week end I was going to go to a party at the boss's place. But Dad watching out for my well being and health and all that good stuff told WWJDD that I wasn't able to go. See like I had to be in class Monday morning because the Proff gives out a jump in letter grade if you are a little goo-die two shoes and go to all the classes. So I couldn't figure out if I should go back to school after the party or drive up in the morning or what.

Anyway, I finally decided to drive back to school that night and skip the party. So every thing's cool right? I get to class on Monday and my freaking prof decides to have a heart attack and not come to class so it was cancelled. Awesome.

This week has seen me get totally sleep deprived, pull a Tasha freakout session, and get lost in Walmart. So it's been a good week and it's not even over yet and that's a good sign.

Yesterday: Gatling Gun, Dot-com, Real Tall, Chaput and Timmy and I sessioned the new Burnt Mountain Trail. Pretty good fun, but Gatling gun and real tall beat me during the time trial.

Cartoons are really bad for you, I figured. They teach kids to act a certain way in certain situations and kids-at that young age are so influenced by emotions they see. I'm glad I never watched Cartoons, I seriously cannot sit through any kid cartoon because I get scared of how it makes me think. I'm somewhat weird so if you don't want to be friends then it's cool.

Don't you hate it when you want to listen to some music but you just can't find the right one. It sucks and I'm going through that traumatic experience right now.

Definitely, going with sista here, it is almost jager in the watter bottle time. Actually, nah probably is a better word so: Probably because I'm super cool and everything I scheduled my training to start on X-mas day. Weird huh?
Told you so....

Man textbooks suck, they are expensive, you don't get anything back when you sell them, and it's usually just a bunch of people telling you how dumb you really are and how much smarter they are than the average human.

Man! I never thought that getting more little people for the college cycling team would be so hard. Squirrel set up some parameters to make it even harder. First we need more gravity people for making Newton's Laws and stuff seem false. Then he wants more women. Which are pretty much non-exsistent around Brevard. To top it off he wants girls who can race downhill. Dude!! I'm trying as hard as I can to get just one of the afore metioned people much less BOTH!

Dude I would be totally suprised if the Saint didn't have a blog. Need to check up on that.

Time for racing is getting a little closer again. Well not really...but it's the same thinig.