Friday, August 28, 2009

Can't Get None

So the last post was a little aggro. To say the least. I'll try not to be that harsh again. It's just been a rough going for the first week of school. Everything is different and hard to figure out. Dude life is hard to figure out.

Oh well, this weekend is our first collegiate race. It's up in the East Tennessee at ETSU. Hopefully good times. I'm not going to be racing though, just taking this weekend off to get some more good training in the legs. My first race will hopefully be the race at Lees McRae two weekends from now.

Anyway to make for sounding so conceded last time I'm going to post some pretty sweet pictures of stuff I "stumbled upon". The first two are kind of how I feel right now and the last hasn't been seen in a while but it's needs to be spread around. That's Dan P. Ennis, one of the few people that I have to bow to.

This caption is: "Death by paper football".

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

School Sessh

I'm back, well back in person and back in school. It's awesome. Both really. And both not.

Last weekend I spent the days enjoying some sweet entertainment in Boone NC. It was an awesome time. I did some DH runs at Hawksnest Resort and rode like three hours around the mountains. It was a pretty good time.

Then when I got back to school everything just hit the fan. It sucks. I just seem to be hitting road block after road block. And it's not getting any better. Why can't I just show up to school and sign in and that's it. Why all the bs stuff? Arrr. I'm pissed.

We have our first race this weekend and honestly I'm not really sure if I'm racing or not because the wonderful "doctor's office" in Brevard has deemed me not healthy enough to race. I'll tell you who's unhealthy, all those football players who cannot walk down the street without loosing their breath.

I'm done. I'm sooo tired of being nice to people that really piss me off. What good does it do to be nice to certain "people" when I know there is going to be no benefit for me. I'm not going to get anything out of it.

I'm pissed, and I'm done, and I need to go ride but I can't since it's raining.

Anyway, enjoy the movie since it's about people who are the best in world because they don't sit around like certain "athletes" I know.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Big Money

Wow, I just totaled up my trip to that northern 51st state. It was not cheap, but when is good fun and great trips cheap? I mean until the candy prices come down, I'm stuck with paying for my enjoyment instead of getting free stuff.

In case you didn't see that, that was a plug to any candy company for sponsorship...just leave me a comment.

Haha, anyway. I was gone for a while, long enough to do laundry three times. Which is a long time for me. I dropped you off after I finished up at Bromont. We drove down to Ludlow (awesome name for a town by the way) to stay with Ethan Gilmore and the crew for a few days. As T-Nasty figured out we could never find all necessary items (internet, TV and Phone Service) for chilaxing. Only two, every time we drove into town everybody would be talking on the phone from the time we got there to the time we left. Must have been pretty entertaining for the locals.

Ethan showed us some good riding in the next town and took us on a brutal recovery ride where I bonked and complained the whole time. Wednesday T-Nasty and I drove down to that snowy mountain. The boys of the Dirty South let me stay at their condo for a few days while we stocked up on chillage, where once again we couldn't get phone service or internet. But we did get TV. Sickness.

The course was pretty fun, they went back to the old start loop of going up the gravel and coming down the trail. But they did cut out half of the climbing and descending on the rest of the course. Bummer that we didn't have that fun decent but I didn't really miss the climbing.

I started pretty good, and was sitting top 25?? when my cleats came loose. Like that ever happens. Quick backtrack, earlier in the week I switched shoes because I damaged my race pair. And it turns out that I didn't remember to check the cleats before my race. So a big bummer that it happened, but you can bet money that I'll never forget to check my cleats.

So I finished 33rd, not bad out of like 70 something starters so I at least brought home some glory. Not much though.

What now? Nothing much, I finally got home Tuesday night and I've been trying to finish stuff up before I go back to school. I've been taking a much needed break off the bike for the past couple of days.

I might do some cool stuff, like a downhill race or even go to the beach. I don't think I've ever been to the beach during the summer so this should be a cool experience. I'm also doing some tire testing too, I figured if I'm going to be repping Specialized tires I should probably ride all of them so I can half way know what I'm talking about. So next time you see me so you ask me how much I know about tires...haha.

In the mean time, start making plans to come to the Brevard Collegiate race to cheer us on and I might be doing another "Kool Aid" man deal.....we'll see.

When are they going to move Tim Horton's down here?

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Cows, Syurp, and Green Mountains Part 2

I was about to write a blog this morning but I opted for watching the videos from the Bromont World Cup race. Nothing great, just some DH stuff, you know down my alley not usually for the general public.

Blah, blah, blah. On to the race. It went pretty well, considering that I got called up second to last out of an 120 rider field. I left our house/barn thing about 2.5 hours before the start and by the time I made it over to the course I just had some light sprinkles of rain but by the time our 2:30 rolled around it was a full on pouring, pinned rain storm. Awesome.

Raining actually made the course better since it washed off all the mud from the previous races and cleaned everything up. I had my Storms on so I could pretty much ride everything out there without too much trouble but some parts were still probably faster to run. Had a bit of a rough start trying to get moved up in the pack and probably only pulled back 10 spots or so. I was suffering pretty bad on the climb but my skillz were tons better than the Euros so I could pull back stuff in the woods.

To make a long story short, I lasted four laps before getting pulled with two to go. Somehow or somewhere I passed most of the Americans in our group (Travis still swears that he was in the middle of trail and I rode right over him) and finished up 71st. Ethan was the only one from our group that made it one more lap. It was pretty cool to see that we were all right there together and it just depends on what day someone is feeling good. I was pretty glad that I got pulled since I'm pretty sure my bike was about to quit working as well.

Monday was a late start and a three hour drive down to Ludlow, Vermont punctuated by gas stops, me getting lost once or twice (the only time I've gotten lost the whole trip!), me hitting on a cute gas station attendant, and some wicked good ice cream. I am staying in Ludlow for one more night before Travis and I are driving over to West Dover and getting a condo for the rest of the week.

It's been a really fun trip so far but I'm a bit bummed that I've been on the road all alone. Although I have friends at all these races it's not the same as my 828 buddies. I can't wait for the collegiate season where I'll be ready to pin it again.

I'm working on my picture taking skillz too. Hopefully these are a little better. I think they look cool.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Mount Broh-man

Sup 'merica. How are things going down there? It's pretty good fun up here. Well except for the internet. I finally, after four days of trying was able to get something other than Google and Facebook. For some reason those are the two that worked. Don't ask me.

Anyhow, it's been fun chillaxing in K-Bec for the past couple of days. The course is alright, the past three times I rode it I felt like a little girl on her first prom date. I was all over the place! It's been raining off and on for the past few days so that's making the slow, technical sections even sketchier. There is however, a section on an old dual slalom track and you know I'm "givin 'er" Dan P. I finally was able to clean all of them today, albeit it was not very pretty. Sorry Old Man, I know that it's fast to roll stuff but I'm not caring that much about going fast. Since I'm going to get schooled by the best in the world I figure I'd just let it hang out a little more and hopefully you guys back home can see what happens on Freecaster.

I start at 2:30 but I doubt I'll even be in the camera at the start since I'll be at the very back. My number is 116 so I know that there is at least 115 people in my race and all of them are going to be starting in front of me. Awesome. So since I was feeling a bit girlie I mounted up some Specialized spikes (Storms)and I'm sure they'll hook up since my boy Scrub "Sam" Hill rode them to a win last weekend at Mont St. Anne. What he didn't tell the reporters was that I told him what tires to use.

The rest of vacation? Um...not really sure yet. I'm probably going to hit the national race at Mount Snow since it looks like they might have changed the course back to the better, old one. We'll see. After that it's just me taking my time coming home and riding a ton. And yes, to all those who are worried about me being "in shape" for the collegiate season should not worry no moe. I'll be in pretty good shape ready to run it wide and let it slide.

Later America, if it weren't for Tim Horton's I'd be back.