Friday, February 27, 2009

Cloudy with a chance of domination

So, I was just finished with my med term examination when I happened to spy a certain green skin suit in the computer lab. He so politely reminded me that I needed to post another blog namely because the Saint had the most recent. (Well Pinnet posted last night but his was all pictures so that doesn't really count.)

Here goes, in just a few hours the RDS from Brevard is traveling down South, not to this place unfortunately

but more like this:

Eh, it's not that bad usually. This might be better.

Anyway, we're going down for a weekend of racing and riding and tons of hanging out in the North area of the GA. More specifically, my house. And Chaput's too. According to Squirrel time we should get there by 6 tonight so if anyone want to come party make sure you go to the Chaputs as we will have the master Squirrel at my house. Saturday morning looks to be nice with a 100% chance of rain and 50 degree weather with a enjoyable Team Time Trial at 9. Then everybody packs into the van and rushes back to the house where we can get some quality hang out time in.

Sunday will be even better with a 60% chance of snow along with some 40 degree weather. Us Brevardians ain't scared about a 60 mile road race in those conditions either. So uh...please don't come to the race because it will more than likely suck to stand in the rain and/or snow for four hours. Or if you do bring a gun. For me first.

During the projected 12 hours of hang out time tomorrow I'll probably be able to update and post how the races went. We've got to be back by 6 because I'd rather be riding has a soccer game. I'd rather be doing other things too.

Anyway, keep it pinned and remember if you hate riding your bike over the weekend we are hating it more.
Later nerdz,

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

So like awesome news: BMB is getting a website with sick pictures of awesome foods and such. Travel over to Mrs. Denise's blog and check it out.

Just about as pinned as this picture is...

OH and I forgot. I have some good news, but I'm going to wait a little longer sorry.
In the meantime....enjoy

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Super Cross Saturday

Sup everybody, I'm just chilling at the house trying to find stuff to do. The Supercross doesn't start until 9:30 so I'm watching You Tube movies in the meantime. I found a good one of the number 7 playing around with some friends. The best part by far is when Stewart looks over while he's full throttle through the whoops. Supasick. It's around 3:10 in the movie.

What have I been doing while in GA? Uh...nothing really, I got up, had some nice eggs and pancakes, built some trails and then rode them in. Then I took a shower and cleaned the house. And then I got bored.

So I decided to write a blog. And then I got even more bored. So have fun.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Time for Somthing New?

What's up other Americans, or Canadians for that matter. Or even other people too.

I've just been hanging out as usual in the big city of Brevard. Got my shock in from those wonderful people in California so I've been trying to dial in the MTB. I did a really good ride yesterday with some fun tempo workouts thrown in there. Felt good and even tried some new lines on Northslope and Bennet.

Everything looks good, I love the new bike now. It felt good when I got it but it was very, very different from the old Epic. Now that I finally have it dialed for Pisgah it feels great. I still need to work on the flatter faster set up but I've got some time to do that.

I'm skipping the Greenville road races this weekend because I'm going home instead. The parents want to hang out for a bit and I need to pick up some stuff. I can't wait to ride my new bike on my own trails. Pisgah's great but there's nothing like ripping it up in your back yard. Literally.

I was straight suffering for bit with school but I think I've finally got back on top of it, luckily because road season is just around the corner.

Anyway now that I said that I should probably go to class instead of skipping it like I planned. Haha, just kidding.

So I thought I might expand on the sideburns, what you do you guys think? I included some material from the king himself, Mr. Burnside.

And for those of you who want to race me next year, remember that I make this guy look slow.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Be Careful What You Wish For

Just reminding everyone out there that the nice weather isn't going to last long. Get real, it's February. I mean I know I'm in the South but still. This warm weather just means that it's going to hit us hard during road season, which is not really a bad thing now that I think about it.

What have I been doing since my last post like two days ago? Uh...trying to avoid my advisor who so kindly reminded me that I needed to start studying for A and P. Better get on it. Medical Terminology is a freaking hard class too, for those aspiring Exercise Science majors out there, don't take Med Term, no actually take it because it will whoop you butt but you'll learn a lot. It's not that bad if you actually study and do other things to help you remember stuff like I don't.

The old mtb is waiting on a new shock, so I've been riding the off-dirt bike a bit. I might even have to ride it today, hopefully the sky will open and I won't have to. Oh well.

Anyway, don't make the cycling gods angry, they might do bad things to you.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


I just wanted to let you guys know that I totally called Dan P. Enis's blog today.

That was sooo my call.

I'm awesome, have I said that before?

Get That Money

Dude so something is wrong with our room. It's not something I necessarily am upset about. Me and Chaput have put up some posters around the room. It took about a week before the posters starting falling down. For some reason the tape won't stick to the walls. It's not the tape's fault either. We've gone from the blue painters tape (the stuff that the college wants us to use because it won't tear up the paint), to green painters tape (is there a difference?), to the ultimate: duck tape. Granted it is the white duck tape instead of the supreme grey duck tape that sticks to anything. But no tape will work on the posters. We have even tried mixing the different tapes. I am determined to find a solution to this problem so I will hopefully find it soon.

In other news, I am trying to put off class and homework to write a blog. Well, that's not really news is it? I think DE is in a writing mood so I wouldn't put it past him to write a blog this morning. To help with your lack of productivity I am going to post a sick movie of not my favorite riders but really good ones none the less.

Well I can't of anything else to write right now. Clean out those throttles because your gonna need it. B-College is bringing the rain.

And remember to B-Legit.


Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Too Little Hat

Well, I'm a little late on the whole blog from the Icycle. But you can deal with it. School's been dropping the clutch out a bit this week and I've been trying to catch up by writing blogs.

The Icycle was awesome. I got in a short pre-ride the day before and the track looked good. T-had blew off the course but left some sneak lines covered on the decent which was cool. Thanks coach.

I "helped" with registration and course marshaling in the morning and almost missed my race because everybody's phones were off because of the no service thing. Nonetheless, I was able to get changed a get a decent warm up before the start. We started hard and I stayed at the front for a few laps until things blew up mid way through lap 2. I attacked Cameron Cogburn and held on for the win. It was really nice to show off for all of our sponsors, some of whom were there at the Icycle. The one and only KOP picked up second and Pinnett scored a solid 6th.

Before helping with the downhill race, I hit up a few runs on the DH course. They had changed it from years past to avoid the erosion at the bottom and to remove the long pedally section near the bottom. It was fun, I hit a few cool lines and tired to scrub it over the last jump but it didn't really work out so well.

Anyway, the next day we hit up some Tsali and attempted to do some testing for the 12Hr race there in May. It didn't really work out because the trails were in pretty bad shape from the melting permafrost.

This past week has been pretty busy with school, nothing really hard but just a ton of lame pages of homework and a few papers thrown in. Not awesome. Marshal had a birthday and we decided to help him celebrate by cutting his hair into a mow hawk. It was good times and I happened to snap a few pictures here and there.

Although, I've been getting mostly bad news from most of my old sponsors, Wes D hooked us up with some awesome new ones. I'm going to announce the whole list soon as I'm waiting to hear back from some other ones. But as you can probably guess from my home page, I'll be running some I9 wheels, Cane Creek headsets and Specialized bikes and tires. And Braken Mountain Bakery is the mostest awesome place to eat here in the 828. Word.

Oh yeah, I need to get a hair cut, too much hair and not enough hat.