Friday, June 2, 2006

TNTts Chicopee

Thursday night I did the TNTts at Chicopee. I warmed up a little (about 10 min) and decided to use the first lap as a warm up/pre ride. I didn't have a good start as I missed my pedal but felt good the whole way round. As I came across the finish they yelled out my time but I didn't hear, my watch said 11:56. The second lap was too good when I flatted a quarter mile in, I had to run back to the car and fix it. By the time I got back to the start they were closed. So I was kinda pissed that I only got one lap. But I found out later that I was the fastest lap of the night and no else broke 12 minutes. I also found out that the course record is something like 11:30. That is totally breakable by me because I had no freaking idea where I was going. The last time I rode that trail was three years ago.

SERC Fontana XC

So, the morning of the cross country was OK, had a good sleep and ate some good spaghetti (carbs) and yogurt (protein) the night before. We drove over to the site and I started to warm up when Dad went for a run, I really wanted to have the heart going good as we had to go straight up that massive hill. After a pretty long warm up (45min) I rolled over to the start. Mike was racing Pro so, it was my job to win the Senior Expert. Also at the start, I told Bennet that he was going to win today.

We started and I got clipped in and everything except every one lined up behind me on the hill. I decided to pull some road tactics on 'em. I flicked back and forth across the rode trying to get some one to pull. One guy attacked and I followed with one guy behind me. At the top every one was pretty much hanging on, then I attacked to get to the single track first. Once in the woods, I just put my head down and got into a rhythm. On the second lap I though I had a flat but, it was just my head. Coming around for the last time, I yelled at Dad what my time gap was, and he said: "Like 5 or 7 minuets" I was like: "Hot Damn!" I pretty much rolled into the finish after that, taking no risks and such. Even at the finish, I was still in front by six minuets.
What made the day better was Chad Edwards, a really cool guy that I met from the bike shop, got 3 in his race. Way to go dude!! He was only a minuet behind me at the TNTts and the fourth best time. Michael Bowen won another race in the Beginner Class, good job to him!

What made this week end suckfull was that Mike was kinda fried and got 5th in the Pro race. Don't worry Mike, even when you are feeling crappy you can still kick my ass in a major way. People, watch for this guy next week end at Sugar it's going to be 2 for 2 for Mike.

Peace out
Oh and by the way, Charlie won his race too.