Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Baking and Riding

Art History: Sounds like a great class right? Wrong!

I'm actually writing this out by hand while I'm in class. I'm so bored I took out some paper and started hand writing a blog. The best part is that it actually looks like I'm being studious and taking notes when really I'm not on task. Hehe. Sneaky, sneaky.

So what's been up with me? A ton of stuff actually. I've got a bunch of funny stories that I won't tell to protect the innocent. A word of advice to those of you out there. Say you're a baker and and you bake some cookies and some brownies and you can only fit one of them at a time into the oven. But you try and fit both of them in there and things get a little crammed and things can go up in flames. So, do what Baker Bill says and decide which one you want to bake before you put them in there. Bad things will happen.

To make a long story short, I was baking brownies and then decided to cook some cookies and the brownies burned. But I've still got some awesome cookies. Yay!

Now for something completely different, I've gotten a little closer to nailing down all my sponsors for 2010. It's kind of amusing that everyone else will have new bikes and equipment before I even have all of my sponsors on board. I had a random sponsor email me today and it looks like I'll probably hook it up again. They are returning from last year but they've stepped it up a bit and I'll see if I can do the same on my side. I'll announce them and another one before too long.

So yeah, can't really say much stuff about it yet but I should have a full list of sponsors and 2010 races by my next blog post. Basically I'll be hitting some off-dirt racing with the collegiate team for a few races for March, April and May with a mix of MTB racing thrown in. Then it could be a big trip "someplace" right before school gets out and then some closer, local stuff for the first part of the summer. I'll be going back home for the summer since its relatively cheap to live with the parents. A mid-season break in June-ish/July-ish and then a ramp up for another big "trip" in August and hopefully qualify for Worlds at Mont St. Anne, Quebec.

I was hoping I'd found some good movies to put in at the end of this post but apparently I didn't so I'll leave you with a parody on the popular FML website. If you haven't heard of either you should definitely check both of them out.

Well, I've got a ******** tonight in *********. So you should totally come hangout. HAHA.
Later 'merica.

Saturday, January 2, 2010


No. No not that A1. Come on St Marie. Silly boy.

I'm talking about A1 as in Anaheim One. Or the official start to the 2010 supercross season. Where have you guys been? Living under a rock. Probably. At least you don't live in the middle of nowhere like my parents. I finally rode out to service yesterday and had my phone ringing for like ten minutes. So yeah, sorry about that.

Well the primary purpose of this post was to post some movies, for you people into motos, so you could get ready for the big night on Saturday. Not a lot of stuff has been happening other than me just searching for moto movies on youtube.

Ummm..Chaput came over yesterday and we did downhill runs for like an hour. It was pretty sweet scoping out some new lines and ideas for my course. Good times had; hanging out and riding as always.

I had a pretty good time here at home over break. The parents didn't get too annoying although I still have a few more days with them and I got in a ton of riding. Oh wait shouldn't have said that. Umm... never mind, no not really any riding at all. Hehe. I almost finished painting my room, made some amazing coffee (found a new fav in Sumatran), hung out with some people in town, and went to bed at 10:30 on New Years. So yeah, successful break from school and the normal routine.

I don't want to keep you from your precious working time or relaxing time too much longer so I'm signing off Amurica. Remember that it all goes down at 10 on ESPN. Enjoy.

Somebody's been doing a little bit of work. Check those triple, triples.

I couldn't have said it better myself.