Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Need a job?

Try being a spy

Monday, March 30, 2009

Attack of the Birds

Wow, so much has been packed into the day. Who'd have thunk it was a Monday? It all started with me going or not going to class. Haha just kidding, I went to all of my classes today. Well, that took up my time till 3 o'clock or so.

Chaput hit me up for a nice recovery ride. We rode out to Rosman but got attacked by like a hundred birds. Chaput got nailed in the shoulder while I missed one that hit my back. We were JRAing and these birds freaking dive bombed us.

After we got in some quality hang out time at the shop we rode back to BC and enjoyed a pleasant meal at the caf. After that I wanted to ride the mtb around so Chaput met up with Chedda T, P. Enis, and that really tall guy and started making some ruts and berms. I came over and we rode to the top of Ross Hall where we scoped some sick free riding lines. To make a long story about me um..."testing" the foam pit we convered the leaf pile to a makeshift foam pit and perfected our three-sixes.

Then we skipped out on our fire drill to hang out at Ingles to read magazines. We are intellectual and smrt.

Anyway, we learned a very important lesson last week. Next time don't take 50 cookies from the caf without thinking about the consequences. No, not that we go in trouble, more the fact of we are soooo sick and tired of cookies. I'm pretty sure I will kill myself if I eat another.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Big News

So yeah, see if you can guess the tune...

Aww dang, get your hammers ready it's about to go down (shorty, yeah)
Everybody in the place hit the freaking porch (shorty, yeah)
But stay on your hobbit toes
We running this, let's go

I'm livin in a shed (I'm in a shed)
I'm livin in a shed (I'm in a shed)
Everybody look at me 'cause I'm livin in a shed (living in the shed)
I'm living in a shed (I'm in a shed)
I'm living in a shed
Take a good hard look at my awesome shed (shed, yeah)

I'm in a shed you mothers take a look at me
Straight hammering nails in Timmay's yard
Busting out boards, wind whipping my tin roof
You can't stop me cause I'm living in a shed

Take a picture, trick (trick)
I'm in a shed, Mitch (Mitch)
We drinking Timmay's beer and eating his food,
Cause it's so sick (sick)
I got my bike on the wall
And my bed on the floor
I'm sleeping on the floor, you inside
Straight chillin with AC

I'm riding on my bike, doing flips and tricks
The mud's flying, getting everybody all dirty
But this ain't Moto, this is real as it gets
I'm in a shed, mothertrucker, don't you ever forget

I'm in a shed and
It's going slow and
I got a outdoor theme
I'm the king of the world
In a shed like Langston Hughes
If you're in the yard,
Then you're sure not me-oh

Get up, this shed is REAL!

Screw houses, I'm in a shed
Screw power lines, I use batteries,
I'm my shed by my self (yeah)
There's no noise in my shed

Hey ma, if you could see me now (see me now)
Arms spread wide on my pallet porch (pallet porch)
Gonna fly this shed to the moon somehow (moon somehow)
Like Dan Ennis, anything is possible

Yeah, never thought I'd be in a shed
It's a big green yard (yeah)
It's the garden of Eden
Look at me, oh (all hands in my shed)

Never thought I'd see the day
When a big shed was coming my way
Believe me when I say
I'm sleeping in a shed

I'm in a shed
I'm in a shed
Everybody look at me 'cause I'm livin in a shed (woah)
I'm in a shed
I'm in a shed
Take a good hard look at my mothatruckin' shed (sha-sha-shorty, shorty, yeah)

Can't wait

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

This DJ went to Hobby Park.

Finally it was the first mountain race of the season. After two long days of helping with the Banff Mountain Film Festival, (thanks to all who came out by the way) we drove over to Salem-Winston to go race some fat tire bikes.

We didn’t have to get up too early in the morning, at 6:30 and we left around 7ish. The drive was nice and we just made it to the race to watch the first racers hitting the course. KB killed it in his first sport race and ended up with a good 4th place. Mrs. Squirrel started another new job in addition to her teaching outdoors to kids; she taught the rest of the field how to race and ended up with a first place.

Everybody else raced the 12 o’clock race. It was a huge field, probably like 25 guys or so and about 10 Pros. So you could say that it was fairly stacked. Pretty much everybody except the flat state boys were racing this relatively “small” race. To make a short story shorter, I followed wheels for the first lap before crashing at the start of the second. Pendry caught me after I got up and I followed him for the rest of the lap before he had some trouble with his wheel and stopped. I kept on seeing whee Seth Kemp on my tail for the rest of the lap so I kept the pressure on and tried to bridge to the leaders Robert Marion and Travis Liverman. It was a short race of about 18 miles so I basically ran out of ground but when I started chasing I figured I wasn’t going to catch them anyway.

The King got like 7th, P-man got 13th or something and the Saint was just behind him. Steve and Timmay and Wells all had decent races but nothing great. In the end it was a good way to start the season and figure out stuff I need to work on.
So I put up some pictures, they are on the blog below this one so like check ‘em out. If you feel like it. I might add some more too, but I didn’t really get any riding pictures because I’m still trying to figure out a way to race and take pictures of myself while I race. Kind of difficult if you know what I mean.

Anyway, keep it pinned, listen to this guy called Warren G and don’t fall in the Rosie, that’s bad.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Just got back from Hobby Park. The race was ok, nothing great except for Julia's 3rd and Jenna's 1st and K-Wood's 2nd. A good solid start to the season.

Here's some pictures from the racing scene.

I'll do a write up tomorrow.
Where ever you are, run it wide open.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Early Morning

So, there I was just sleeping peacefully. I was bothering nothing and no one. And the dump trucks decided to finish filling in the gym's old pool. They are making it another weight room after filling the pool. For some ungodly reason they wanted to do it at 7:30 in the morning. I know what you people are thinking, oh 7:30 isn't early but for me it is. Kind of.

Anyway, whatever. It got me up and writing a blog so that hopefully makes you guys happy. I was specifically going to write this blog about something but I kind of forgot so I'll just wing it for a bit and I might remember.

A good thing that happened this week: I found my old Rage Against the Machine CD in my car. I was soooo stoked. Almost stoked to the point that I skipped riding to listen in. Ha! Just kidding. I did skip some ice cream at lunch to listen to it though.

I'm trying not to complain, but this pretty much is. I'm really starting to get tired of the cold early mornings. I get up and it's just cold enough to ware pants but by mid day I need to ware shorts. Anyway, not a big deal but it is kind of annoying. Before you know it, I'll be complaining about the hot weather. That's the fault of the human race isn't it? I mean we are never satisfied, that can be a good thing and also a bad one. That was you daily psychology lesson from T. Cowie.

Speaking of which I'm about to go to psy class. And I'm super stoked about it because I really don't have to do anything, I just sit in class playing on my computer. Parents, you were totally not supposed to read that last bit.

Well since this was a pretty lame post (although I might add more later today) I need to find something that will make it better. I'll be back in a bit.

Here are some vintage pictures back from when I was super cereal. You might have seen them before, perhaps not. Anyway enjoy.

Monday, March 16, 2009

More Rain

So, another weekend of racing has gone by. It was raining again, both days in fact. I'm pretty sure I drank my body weight in water both days. Along with all that water, I probably drank bits of road kill, oil, gasoline, manure, little rocks, and who knows what else. I hope I don't catch some horrible disease from road racing. Wait, that might be a good thing. Haha, just kidding Marshal.

Anyway, Saturday wend pretty bad, we missed the early break again, then like 2 or 3 laps before the finish we brought back the break and then we(well I, since I was in the perfect spot)missed the second break. In the bunch sprint I got like somewhere in the top ten and the Saint was just behind me.

After trying to dry out my clothes and chilling at the hotel we went out to eat at this sketchy Caribbean restaurant, but it actually turned out to be really good. And they had fried PB and J sandwiches. I love living in the South sometimes. Anyway props to Park for picking a good eatery place. After eating we hung out at the hotel and watched six episodes of Pimp My Ride....way, way too much. This was kind of how it looked except wayyy better and more powdered sugar...just the way I like it. And not soap like this is.

Sunday started at 6 when I walked over to the local IHOP and dug in. It was awesome because I love IHOP and I had some chocolate pancakes. However, the coffee sucks so I had to drink like 5 cups before I got the shakes. It rained the entire morning and I didn't even bother putting on extra clothes because they would be soaken in like five seconds just like Mike's gram cracker.

We missed the break again, surprise, surprise. The break went on like the first lap so we half chased, half rode really slow, half tried to not run into the back of the dude in front. It was pretty much just like this picture

Anyway, I somehow jumped on Craig from Furman and we traded off for the rest of the race. We ended up catching the break and I got dropped but ended up second. That's how road racing is, one day your off the back and the next your off the front. Weird. I hate road racing.

So, instead of road racing I might just show up to Hobby Park this weekend. Or I might go do five hours of base to get ready for nationals.

Here are some pictures from the race and the drive back since I was bored.

Thursday, March 12, 2009


So, I never really got around to writing a blog for the race so I'll move on to the next one. I pretty much told the story in the first one.
Although this time I will actually post some pictures.

I've just been chilaxing in GA with the Manamial. Nothing too interesting happing, we did the Reality Bikes Worlds ride last night, good ride with some fast guys. I think the Manamial got the KOM sprint and I got third in the final sprint so we pulled our weight. Probably never go back for a while since racing started and everything. It was a good time and we had some good fun.

Me and the guy from PA have been riding and working on some serious hang out time in the GA. Saturday morning we are driving down to the ATL to go race. The Manamial has been killing me on some hilly rides around the county.

I've been trying to work on my "plans" for the summer. No, I don't have a set schedule of races this season so I'm just going with the flow and picking some good races and trying to run it wide at those few.

For sure, I'm going the 12Hrs of Tsali, Bump, the SERC race at Tsali, and the first Kenda Cup race at Ducktown. Then I'm not really sure, just see if I have enough money to go to each race.

Anyway, I'm watching Marshal talk to some people over Skype and it's totally distracting me so I'm going to cut out. I'll see if I can type a more interesting blog tomorrow. Now for what you've been waiting for PICTURES!!!

Well good night everybody I'm signing off. Time to go do work!
Do a couple of these before bed time:

Later nerds!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Talladega Days (Racing in South Kack)

Well, I'm trying to pack, work on my bike, write a blog, pack, go ride, and hang out today. So I don't have a whole lot of time to write. But I won't leave you guys in the dark any longer.

The road race on Saturday was good, for the first ten minutes that is. Marshal broke a spoke about that much into the race so I gave him my wheel and got dropped. I rode to the feed and hung out with T-had for a bit and then did another lap to get some extra training in.

The Team Time Trial went better than the first one, we worked together better and I think we posted a decent time, not great but better than getting smoked in the first TTT.

The crit was on Sunday in Greenville at a car race track. It was fun too, but not very selective and it showed with not very many people getting dropped and a big sprint at the end. I put in a digger with 3 or 4 to go and held it until the last lap and finished in the top back half of the bunch.

Nothing exciting but nothing too bad. I think everybody got in some good training and we'll be ready to come back out and fight this weekend in Georgia Tech. Two road races back to back. I'm not really sure what everybody is complaining about, the guys in the Tour do twice as long for three weeks back to back. But we'll see what happens.

I'll probably post some pictures tonight once I get home and everything.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


I'm sure that you non moto people are getting tired of my pictures and movies but I found one that was too good to pass up. How does he clean that triple? I don't know.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Dude man dude,
Awesome time this weekend. The B-Boys competed in our first road race this year. No not these B-Boys. Us, duh.

The TTT went great. That is the Team Time Trial for those of you who don’t know. We got third. Yay! Out of three. Oh my! We done good. Nah it was cool, I think we started a little too fast out of the gate but we got it under control pretty quick so that was good. After the TTT we just went back and started the hang out time at the Cowie house hold.

The good times didn’t stop there, the next day we woke to 30 degree weather and pouring rain. AWEsome!! It was super cold at the start and things kicked into gear very fast. The Saint and I covered move after move with the Manamial hitting out a few times. At the end of the first lap me and the Tamer got popped on the last climb and tried chasing but once the break got into gear they straight checked out. The remnants of the peloton formed together and we rode another lap back to the feed. T-had was there and as we were pulling the plug (it had started really raining at this point) the Manamial rolls up in a car we find out that we broke his wheel trying to follow an attack. So I think we did pretty good for the first race, we definitely left some doors open and neither the Saint or I were there when Marshal needed a wheel but we’ll work on it.

Anyway, on to the trip back. So we had a truck, a van, and a trailer. Throw in some snow on top of that. Maybe a little rain too. Just to spice things up. We start the three hour drive back and it starts snowing/sleeting/raining on us. Everything is good until the snow starts packing up on Chaput's windshield. We call Coach and we pull over and scrape everything off and conveniently we stopped at a Starbucks (I wonder who thought of that) so we also had to get some coffee.

We get going again and then like not even a mile down the road Chaput’s driver’s wiper checks out and I find Chaput sitting in my lap trying to look out the passenger’s side widow. So we call Thad again and he comes back and picks us up in the van and then we spend the next four hours of travel time packed in the back seat. Good times, as always.

So to make the story a little bit better, yesterday we had to go down and pick up Chaput’s truck because he got a call from the 5-0. Nothing super exciting happened but we almost died several times, ate a ton of candy, went muddin and almost destroyed my rim on a pot hole on the way back.

It's a good thing we're still mountain bikers.

So it’s been a long weekend. And it’s going to be an even longer week. Dude you know, I totally forgot that this weekend is the start of spring break. Wow, that came up fast. Anyway, if anyone wants to come down to GA and hang out just holla at me.


Oh yeah, did I mention that I totally called that nasty weather this weekend?
Thanks, I already knew I was amazing.