Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Appreciation and My New Love

Well, Mrs. Squirrel is right. I need to stop taking this whole bike game thing seriously. So I helped teach other kids about the success, or not, of bike racing for a week. It was fun, I want to do it again.

On to more pressing matters. I went to Brevard last weekend, I had a ton of fun on and Fruday and Saturday but not so much on Sunday because I ended up getting in a teenage girl pissy mood because I had to drive back home. I watched some fireworks, they were cool. I haven't seen fireworks in like ten years.

On to the rest of the projected year. I'm still deciding to go to Anniston this weekend because I really need to sit back and train and stuff and attempt to get faster. I will be going to the GSC race at Carter's Lake the following weekend, sorry to those who are skipping out on nationals. Then I finish up a few more days at work before heading off to North Kack for much needed hang out time. Then it's off to someplace else that I don't really want to publish in the open just yet. I'm sure most of you know it already. Then it's off to some more races before getting ready for the collegiate season.

Then it's some more secret plans for the school year that I'm not saying because I haven't quite finalized just yet.
Sounds like fun, eh?

In the meantime, I've discovered a new thing that it's completely not (but at the same time it completely is) associated with cycling. Just on a random feeling the other night I decided to look up used coffee books on Amazon.com. Three hours and thirty dollars later, I am a new owner of four books on coffee and beer and whiskey. Awesome huh?

I want to start growing my own trees but Mom suggested against that because it would probably not work very well so I probably shouldn't spend too much money on it. I AM, however, going to start roasting my own beans just as soon as I can distinguish different tastes and stuff. I want to be a true "cupper". A fleeting image flashed across my mind as I clicked my mouse button; a physical therapy center combined with a coffee shop, just what Brevard needs. Cupper Cowie's Coffee.

Anyway, I was just writing to let you guys know that there is more that interests me than big pieces of metal and rubber. Now it's plants too.

I've got to go to sleep to get ready for a big day of work tomorrow. I leave you with a vid of the king of doing work. From his younger years.

Good Night America.
P. S.
It would be cool if I did that in the north though....imagine the ring: Candian Cupper Cowie's Coffee. Or in the winter it could be: Cool Candian Cupper Cowie's Coffee. Or it could be... never mind.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

More than cowbell needed

Well, I’m not really sure when I can post this because I’m without internet for a while. I’m working a USA Cycling Camp in North Carolina this week and the place we are staying at doesn’t have any access which is a major bummer. I can’t even find out who won the World Cup this weekend…hint, hint.

Did the Cowbell Challenge yesterday. Alright course, not really my type though. Pretty hot, but I don’t think it really affected me. I was doing good, sitting in for a lap and then made some mistakes and got gapped and couldn’t catch back on in the really fast field sections. It sucked because I could see the lead group just up the road but couldn’t nail it down. Oh well, rolled in for 6th just off the podium and just out of the money too. Again.

I guess I shouldn’t be complaining too much because even though it was a bad day I still was in the mix but it’s not really where I should be you know.

So yeah, just chilaxing in North Kack for the week and doing a bunch of riding. Pretty sweet huh? I doubt I’m going to do the SERC race at Raccoon Mtn. so the next race is Anniston probably. Didn’t take any pictures this weekend either, so bummed about that too. Crappy weekend.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Bumping Around the South

So I had somebody tell me I had a New Zealand-ish accent today. That's never happened before.

I didn't really know I sounded New Zealand but whatever, that's cool. Sorry it's been awhile since I last checked in. Not much has happened, or maybe I've been too busy to write anything. Anyway, uh....what has happened? Oh yeah, I did the Bump and Grind Race in Bama town.

It went ok, the start was pretty intense, right up there with a Euro start as 70-something dudes tried to cram into the same two-inch wide single track.

I was still feeling Germany a bit and I really needed a rest. I was making a ton of mistakes and hitting sections super sloppy. But I hung on to finish up 21st which was a pretty good result for how I was feeling.

So I found some cool footage of race and even a split second of me at the call ups.

Here is another picture from the pre-ride, sorry Thad you didn't make the cut I guess.

Next on the calendar is another week of chilling at the house while painting my room. I hope, if everything goes as planned. And then it's off to North Kack for the next Kenda Cup and a week of helping out developing riders at the USA Cycling Camp. Then it might be the next SERC race at Raccoon Mtn. I don't know about that because I didn't really enjoy the course last year and it might be good to save a little bit of money. We'll see.

I leave you with a great site that my pal Dot Com lead me to. It's pretty funny.