Tuesday, February 15, 2011



I’ve been busy. Cut me some slack. Not that busy though, I’ve been finding time to actually ride my bike for a change so that’s good. I suppose. It’s pretty much been full on since the start of school and I’ve finally caught up to the pace of my work. I haven’t really been able to take it easy but now I’m accustomed to this new level of stresses. Or stressie? I dunno. Maybe someone should help me out with that.
Anyway, I got a new bike. It’s awesome just fyi. Like I had to say that. Got some new sponsors too, I plan on repping them out on the trails.

But away from the boring stuff. I’m interning up here in Aville. It’s been hard and busy but tons of fun. I should probably be working on training programs but I’ve actually been really productive today so I feel like I have justified a break.
Other than getting into specifics there’s not a whole lot going on. I watched an awesome play over the weekend and met a ton of cool new peeps.

I’ve got a few more days of school and some office hours to hold and then it’s a week off for spring break. Well sort of, I’ll probably be working a bunch then too. Hopefully not. Sorry this post is pretty boring, I need to send some pictures or movies along with it. Ah never mind.

I have been thinking about figuring out a certain combination with my eatery. I was thinking about some type of bread that combined coffee and hot spices. Almost like a Mocha Swirl with chili pepper or something. A bread that gives you the jitters while kicking you in the teeth. That or a pesto baguette with meat in it. Wheew, making myself hungry.

Anyway hopefully someone can help me out with that.

In the mean time, keep things TAC’ed, Uhmerica.