Monday, March 20, 2006

SERC Columbia

This week end is SERC #2 in Columbia TN. Sweet course, really fast, I hope it doesnt rain because that would make it suckful. The last two miles are really technical.

I just got word today that the team bikes have come in, so on Saturday I get to ride MY bike instead of someone else's. Sweeeeettttt!

I'm riding with Andy up there on Sat and we are going to preride and on Sun I race at 12:30. The last SERC I got 5th, lets hope I can do better.

GA SS State Champs

Ok, the last week end was the Georgia State Single Speed Champs.
I came into the race wanting to win, because I thought it would be cool to be called the state champ and I wanted the fancy jersey that came with it. Race day came and I got in a Ok warm up but I could have been better, it was really cool and windy. The expert class had about 20 or so.
First off, this was the slowest and quietest bike race I have ever been in. I couldn't get up to the leaders and a big group rolled off fast I tried to bridge but it was too late and I was like totaly anaerobic.
So by lap two, I figured that I was sitting top 15 maybe and desiced to use the race for training. The last lap I did pass two people in the last 3miles so I was kinda happy about that.Single Speeds would be OK just to ride but not to race, as Andy said part of the fun of MTBing is you get to go fast, on a single speed you don't. I ended up 10th out of like 20 so that's OK.


Wednesday, March 15, 2006

SERC Reddick

Sweet, the first race of the year, I was pretty pumped up about it because I I've been really sick of training.
First off I ran the Expert Senior Class which is 19 to 29 year olds. We drove down on Saturday and I was able to ride two laps of the course. The roughly 10 mile loop was fairly flat with a ton of short but with very steep ups and downs. Really dry, although not much sand.

Race day was pretty hot with temps in the 90s. I got in a good warm up and arrived to the line on time. At the start I missed my pedal and got shot out the back of the pack but finally I was able to clip in the got up to about 6 or 7 place going into the woods. From there i tried to hang on to the back but I kept on slipping out of my pedals or dropping the chain off the chain rings. The first two laps were pretty bad as I kept on dropping back and losing time.

On the third lap I passed Dad and he shouted that I might be in 4th place. Then I was like, I better go a little faster to maintain my spot. Everything went great until I dropped my chain aga! in on one of the last climbs and got passed by two guys. I jumped on to the back of them and tried to figure out if they were in my class, I new one wasn't but was not sure about the other one. The course had very little passing places and there was no way I could get around by the finish. So, in the end I ended up 5th and the guy who passed me got 4th.

I'm a bit bummed by the result but, my legs felt great and it was my first Senior race.
So this week end is the State Single Speed Champs that I might do if I get a bike, if not then my next race will probably be in April.