Saturday, May 22, 2010


More chillage. Got up pretty early this morning and headed ova to Offenburg for our last race over here. It's World Cup number three. Wow, I'm so cracked right now. One more day and I'm heading home. It's been awesome but I need a break.

But on to the more interesting stuff. The course is alright, I was hoping it was a little faster but the downhills are steep and you pretty much have to crawl down them but the climbs are not that bad just short and moderately steep. Everything was covered in a slimy coating of mud which made things just a little sketchy. Just like home though haha.

I'm starting in the back again, yay. I guess moving up a hundred spots in Houffalize didn't make a difference because I'm four spots back in my call up, 226. Just put the head down and do work I guess. Simple enough.

After the race, we're packing up and rolling back to Oberrie and packing up the bikes and all our stuff. Some people are taking the train to Frankfurt Sunday night but me and T-Money are leaving Monday morning. I can't wait for that $200 charge on my bike. Ow. I hate airports, they stress me out. At least Frankfurt international has some very attractive attendants, so while my wallet is being lightened I'll have some eye candy. Makes everything ok right? Haha.

So yeah, I had nothing to do so I just killed like 15 minutes typing out this post that like five people might read and that really doesn't say anything. But hey I'm happy because that means I'm 15 minutes closer to dinna. Which is in 45 minutes now. Sorry, but it's a really, really big event of the day.

So if you not doing anything tomorrow and want to watch the Offenburg World Cup tune into freecaster and watch it all go down. But your probably not going to see us because we'll be at the back and they only show the winners. Haha; "if you ain't first, you're last".

Here's an alright movie of the race. Shows the start loop and the last climb and part of "dual speed" and the "snake pit". Also makes things look wayyy easier than they are. Those climbs and descents are much steeper than they look.

So I'm out America. Probably be back after the race though. Keep it pinned, I'll be back soon.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Heubacher

Sorry, sorry. I'm taking forever. But hey give me a break. I was pretty busy this past week. I mean I just hangout and ride my bike. Busy life eh?

Nah, actually it's been pretty pinned. I had a birthday, I raced, and I came with a Euro bug. Thursday I woke up and was feeling pretty crappy so I ended up sleeping most of the day and most of Friday too. But I was feeling much better Saturday when we drove up to Heubach for a race. I raced "Bike the Rock" last year and it was pretty rad. Basic design, climb for about 10 minutes roll on top for 2 or 3 and then a rough, rutted out descent back to the finish. It was also just a U23 race so it was a little smaller field than usual, but not any slower because I think the guy who won would have got top 5 in Pro. I got a decent call up but was too timid at the start and got shuffled back. That was cool with me since I was just trying to finish the race and not drop out.

Slowly started moving up since I was still feel good. I was having so much fun on the descent. I love course with a big climb followed by a sick downhill. I can totally get my head around the idea of "the faster I climb, the faster I can get to the descent". Anything else is kind of lame.

Anyway, I moved up a few places and almost caught the group that T-Money was in. Couldn't do it though so I rolled in for 40th or something. I finished and I was still on the lead lap so I was stoked about that. My last lap was my second fastest lap so it's always good when that happens.

What next? Well we're half way through our last week here. Just more chillage at the house for a few more days and then it's off to Offenburg on Saturday for some pre-riding at Offenburg, the last race. This is another World Cup so check out freecaster and watch it live. I might be able to post the link.

Yeah, not much happening here. Although I'm so stoked to be over here, I'm going to be happy to be heading home. We're flying out on Monday so I'll be back in the US of A that night. A few days hanging out here and there and it's back home to start working and get in some good training and some other secret projects.

I added a movie from the first downhill/4X World Cup. The opening bit is pretty cool. There's a reason cool people have cool nicknames and you'll find out why Mick Hannah is know as "Sick Mick". Pretty rad.

Adding some pictures from my ride too. Taken on my ride today to the roof of Germany, the Feilburg.

Here's some presse from the Heubach race too.

And for those of you who are not endowed with the wonders of Facebook. Here's the link for that.

Monday, May 10, 2010


Heyyyy ya’ll.
Never said that before. I never use ya’ll. Well, now I did. Europe is starting to do strange things to me. I’m starting to think about flat bars and carbon bits littering my bike. Ahhh!!!! Not good, I need to be back in the south.

Another weekend down, another race in the books. Saturday was a Swiss Power Cup, or a Swiss national race. In other words, just as fast as a World Cup but with less people. Sweet! For those of you in the know, Julien Absalon, Nino Schuter, Christophe Sauser, and Florien Vogel were some of the guys in attendance. My legs started hurting just looking at the names.

To make it that much better, about 70% of the race is on pavement. Pavement=pinned. Got an alright start but made a big mistake and ended up on the wrong side of the barriers and had to slow down and duck under the tape. Got back going without a problem but I lost contact with the group I was in. I tried to bridge on the climb and couldn’t do it but some guys caught up on the next pavement section. They were going a little too slow, so I tried to bridge again and spent the rest of the race stuck in the middle of nowhere between groups.

I almost got lapped by Absalon but I totally out sprinted him at the finish and made it out for the last lap. I ended up catching some more riders on that last lap but screwed up the sprint finish and had to settle for second out of three.
Pretty good race, you have to have most things go your way at these Euro races and it just hasn’t clicked yet, but I can feel it coming (I hope that is).

Sunday was another race we did last year. It was small and local last year but like 40 people showed up this year. They changed the course and took out the longest descent and put in a little girl downhill with some super, super lame logs you had to jump over. It was raining but that didn’t really help out much. Not trying to sound like a broken record but the legs were gassed and I just couldn’t get on to the lead group again so I settled for a top 20. I was top 5 last year ha-ha. Ow.

Looks like a good week coming up. We’re planning on going to Freiburg or someplace else either today or tomorrow to break up the routine. Then on Saturday we’re driving up to Heubach to do a German national race. Fun course with a sustained downhill full of ruts and berms just what T. Cowie ordered. Plus we’re racing the U23 class instead of the elite class. That just means there will be less people not that it will be any easier. The top U23 guys are getting top 5s in the elite races, so yeah really not that much slower.

Things are going good, looks like another day of rain and cold weather. I’m used to it though, thank you east coast. Makes everybody unhappy but not me. Just hang it out a little more and get loose. It’s slowly starting to wear on me, just being wayyy far away from home but before I know it I’ll be back and keeping that throttle pinned on some Pisgah trails. I can’t wait.

Please don’t float away Amurica, I don’t know if the planes can make it.

P. S.
I’ll post presse from the race as it comes in. And yes “press” is meant to be spelled European. Thank you St. Marie.

P. S. S.
For those of you who are interested in the ‘stache. It’s coming along quite nicely, not as sketchy as the old one. Pictures to come eventually.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Houffa, puffa.

I was doing a lot of that. That’s fo sho. Where am I? Oh yeah Germany. I guess I’ll start with the race. I’m still trying to catch up a little bit. We finally made it to Germany and our new home for the next three weeks. Pretty rad place we’ve got here. Big props to USAC. Anyway to the race. We rolled out at 2:30 on Sunday. Headed down to the course about 1 with T-Money. As soon as we got there the sky opened up and started spilling some water out on the track. It had been raining off and on for the past day or so getting the track pretty slick. Not really muddy and not really wet it was a tossup for tires. Most of the US guys settled for some aggressive tires but not full on spikes. I ran my trusted Sauserwinds. Hooked up good and made for some interesting passes haha. Since it was raining before the start I hung out at the tent and warmed up pretty close to the start of the race. Tad made an interesting point. It takes the UCI 15 minutes to call up 250 riders and it takes the races in the US twice that time to call up 60 riders.

So yeah the race starts up a short but steep climb that was used in LBL. Still had Andy and Franks names painted all over the road. After you finished puking your brains out at the top of the climb there was a rolling descent that fell into a steep, steep Euro drop. I was going to show up Nino and boot a root off a tree but there was about 10,000 riders running down the hill in front of me. When we hit the road I literally had to stand and wait for a good 2 or 3 minutes waiting for people to run down the next Euro drop. The rest of the course was some short down hills sprinkled with punchy climbs. Umm…yeah like no flat so it was pretty much full gas, crawl down following some terrible Euro dude and then full gas on the next open part to try and get around them. Felt like I was starting to move up until the 3 or fourth lap when things finally started to sort out and there was less people on course. Hung with Travis for a bit before we both got pulled at the end of the fourth lap.

Felt pretty good during the race but I kept on making small amateur mistakes that kept adding up. Felt like I was doing my first mountain bike race in years. Oh well, I’ve got a few more before I leave.

Anyway I need to post some pictures for you. I’ve got a bit of an easy day tomorrow so I was going to snap some images of the new place we’re staying at. Pretty sick rig. We live on a farm in a really nice hostel/bed and breakfast/hotel type thing. The best part is they have a spout for gassy water (the only water they drink over here). It’s on the back wall, you just roll up and out comes gassy. Awesome!!!

Wow there’s a bunch of stuff I’m leaving out. I need to write another blog since I’m struggling on this one. The people call me…

Forgive me, press from the race.

Link 1

Link 2

Also for those of you without facebook. Here's the link to my album.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Post party

Don't have a ton of time to write but he race went alrigh got pulled with two to go. Pretty muddy action made for some interesting t. Cowie moves but nothing too special. Some uci photo guy took some pictures of me so be on the look out for that.

Anyway I gotta run peace. Next time I'll update will probably be back in Germany. Late.

Houffa Day

Finally on euro time. I think. Woke up at six instead of two so I
guess that's good. Rained off and on all morning. We've got some time
before the race so were just hanging out and chilling. Had a good
lunch and got pumped on some good old Uhmerican country music. Can't
wait to lay down the law with some Euro dudes.

You can tell when there's slow moments because I write blogs. Haha.
Anyways I'll probably write another one after. Watch it on freecaster.
I think it comes on at like eight thirty or something. Keep it pinned.