Friday, October 7, 2011

Blues Day

Well, that's the theme here at the office this morning. Applesauce is listening to some good ol' hoochie coochie man. As I was warned, the past few weeks have been full on pinned. I'm so glad to (mostly) put that behind me.

Dano spear headed another Ally Cat that's going off tonight. If you happen to see this today, come on down to the 828 and join in. Five buck cover and entertainment that's priceless.

I spent most of last weekend helping out the college cycling team crush at Mars Hills. It was a long weekend but pretty fun. There was some good results across the board. It's funny, seems like I should start racing again just because that will make me quit talking smack on people....haha.

I hope I'm still trying to catch up on sleep from the weekend as my motivation is pretty low, any bike I have is not that appealing to me. Hopefully it will come around.

Funny, who thought that a full time job is actually full time? I love working at CTS but it's a little different than going to class and just kickin' it for the rest of the day.

Seems like I'm getting writer's block worse and worse, I used to be able to just go off on something and spend a whole blog about it. Haha, it's transformed into more of a stream of thoughts, none of it really good. I could talk about bikes or work or things that happened to me today but do people really like reading that? I guess  I do since I do it all the time. I swear I spend more time thinking about the audience that reads (or could read) my blog than actually writing anything useful.  

Two more thoughts before I leave for another long period. Andy sighted the McRib. Be warned.

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