Monday, August 22, 2011

Turning Leaves

Hello all,

So as usual, I said I was going to write sooner rather than later. Anyway, here I am. Let's start with a quick recap. The coffee is still working through my veins so I'll probably have more than normal typos.

Since I last wrote, I have worked at the bike shop, applied for several jobs, attempted riding my bike again, met new and interesting people and finally ended up where I am now. Now is working at CTS trying to avoid going to the Bakery too much.

I've actually started riding my bike again, so that has improved my mood tremendously.

Some people have said that all I do is write a few words and then add a movie to excuse me from saying anything else but this one was too good to pass up. I think Matt Hunter and I should hang out, I think we'd get along just fine.

This past weekend was spent taking care of the Brevard College Cycling team at their first race. I think they did very well considering the first race back into school. Some solid results from all members of the team, including that Smiling Guy and our ladies.

I'm still trying to catch up from the (probably overestimated) ten hours of sleep I got over the weekend, but it's all good as long as results come out of it. My activities during the race included: complementing Brad on all the weight he has lost, filling H2O bottles, pushing bikes to the top of the slalom hill, teaching the finer points of cornering, pushing more bikes to the top, calling out Peter for terrible coaching, pushing more bikes, teaching the kiddos how to chop vegetables and how to take out the trash, swimming in the condo pool, and talking to lots and lots of people. All was enjoyable and made for a satisfying two days.

The week? Hmmm nothing too much going on this week, just working and figuring out how to save money so I can buy more stuff. Probably going to hangout at the Hendo Apple festival this weekend so if you have nothing to do come on over and chill. Next week will be pretty busy, I'm working till Wednesday before going to Florida for a few days for a CTS camp then it's back up to BVD for another CTS climbing camp. Two days off and it's helping out with the downhill national championships. That will be a very good time. Another long weekend of assisting my friends and athletes but I'm pretty confident that this one will really pay off. It better...or some people will be pushing their own bikes up the hill if you know what I mean.

Few more days to chilax and then it's back on it for the Pisgah Stage Race, sorry guys no racing for me, but lots of working and volunteer time. And's break time. Well until my plans change which will definitely happen. Seems like I need some personal va ka.

Anyway, I should probably get back to looking like I'm actually working instead of pursing the internets. Hope all is well and I do have some secret plans in the works that I'll come out soon about....

Keep things TAC'ed out,

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