Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Yep. Not going to talk about how long it's been. Much too long.

You know when I was growing up,  I never thought I would sit down and type out these blogs. I hated writing, absolutely hated it. I'd rather Mom run her finger nails down the chalk board than have to sit down and actually compose something. Well, that is if you consider this writing. It is in a sense but at the same time since our world is so revolved around technology I feel like I should pick up a paper and blow the dust off a pen and sit down and write it out. But then who would really read it? Would I actually take the time to sit down and type out what I have written, would I keep a diary so that when I grow old someone could see what thoughts were running through my head, or would I just keep my thoughts to myself as man I had some crazy ideas.

But I digress, let's cut to the chase. What is the purpose of this blog? To be perfectly honest, I have no idea. That's probably why I haven't written anything on it for quite some time. I first started it as a way to tell people about my racing. Not sure who that would be since I called my parents every weekend. For a long time I didn't talk about training or what I was doing because I didn't want other to gain an advantage over me so I switched to talking about day to day life. When I traveled overseas and raced it was an easy way to hit a bunch of people with the same story saving me bottles and bottles of Bengay for my fingers. Then the stimulus stopped, I quit racing bikes and vowed never to return. The blog pretty much dropped off the deep end after that. Save for one or two quick posts. But again, why was I even writing about my day to day life? I don't think it's much more interesting than an average person.

So sorry about all that soppy history stuff, just had to get that off my chest. I'm slowly developing a new theme to the blog. Well, not so much as a theme but a purpose. There are several types of mass communication these days. I needn't tell you which ones I'm talking about. The sad thing is that all of these communications are taking away from good old description. Twitter is great and all for measuring the amount of people you can reach with a simple blurb but there is something to be said for sitting down and composing a story or a jumble of thoughts or a bloggg.

Which leads me into my next comment. I got to thinking the other day and discovered that I have been handed a golden opportunity. I am going to pick up that mountain bike and start riding it around in circles with other people as fast as I can. I have slowly been adding supporters to my list and hopefully will announce that soon. But for now know that I'm going to continue writing as if I was by myself and that I'm back in more ways than one.

Enjoy some moto vids.  


The Hoo said...

dude i was shocked to see your blog pop up. shocked and pleased. keep going!

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