Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Midday Musings

Apparently I need to stay on top of my blogging. Things have been pretty crazy the past few weeks. I'm in the process of graduating college. Notice I said in the process of, haven't finished yet.

I finished up my internship at Carmichael Training Systems and I applied for a job as a cycling coach. Pretty fun stuff, I spent three days last week in Colorado Springs as part of the interviewing process.

Glad to have that behind me I've turned my attention to finishing school and hangout seshes. Things have been good, I've finally been able get out on the bike a time or two and there might be a possibility that I come out of retirement this weekend. So if you're in the 828 you should swing by...

I really should add some sweet pics to this post but I'm typing on my iPod which is proving to be more than difficult than it looks. And I just lost the Internet soo yeah.

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